The Green Carnation Longlist 2010

A very tired man writes this up for you this morning. The Green Carnation judges met last night to sort out the submissions and after a long night of discussion, lively debate and frankly lots and lots of laughing (which is the way all good meetings should be)  we’ve got you a lovely longlist, well we hope you think its lovely. However, some of the judges didn’t go to bed until gone 1.30am, can’t think who one of them was!!

Anyway enough of that shenanigans, you all just want to know what this years Green Carnation Longlist (or the Green Carnation Bunch) 2010 is don’t you? So without further ado here are the eleven titles…

  • Generation A by Douglas Coupland (Windmill Books)
  • Bryant and May Off the Rails by Christopher Fowler (Doubleday)
  • Paperboy by Christopher Fowler (Doubleday)
  • In A Strange Room by Damon Galgut (Atlantic Books)
  • God Says No by James Hannaham (McSweeney’s)
  • London Triptych by Jonathan Kemp (Myriad Editions)
  • Mary Ann in Autumn by Armistead Maupin (Doubleday)
  • Children of the Sun by Max Schaefer (Granta)
  • Man’s World by Rupert Smith (Arcadia Books)
  • The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas (Tuskar Rock Press)
  • City Boy by Edmund White (Bloomsbury)

None of us are going to release any official thoughts about the long list or each and every title and they were chosen as we feel if people read them then the books will speak for themselves. I do think its interesting that we have such a nice mix of debut authors, prolific and yet lesser known authors and some writing giants in the mix which is all unintentional because you judge on the writing… but more on that from me tomorrow. We also have two of the Man Booker Longlist which I think is quite interesting, and one author twice which I think will prove a talking point!

Rather than go on and on here I will hand over to you to start some discussion on the list. So what are your thoughts on the very first Green Carnation Longlist/Bunch? What have you read? What or who have you not heard of? Are any of you tempted to give some of them a go (we really would love it)? Are there any surprises?

I will pop back and chatter with you all day (when I am not dozing) and try and answer any questions I can and am allowed to! Oh and don’t forget to pop to The Green Carnation website where there is a rather smashing shot of the judges together. Right, let’s get discussing… oh and do spread the word if you can and would be so kind!


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28 responses to “The Green Carnation Longlist 2010

  1. The Slap gets around doesn’t it? But it does seem to be a book which has divided people and has brought up some strong reactions with people.

    Children of the sun sounds interesting although the far right skinhead movement isn’t an easy subject to read. I also like the look of In a Strange Room having the three stories and the more exotic locations but it also sounds like it would be quite sad.

    • Hahaha The Slap has seemed to have gotten around indeed, we think there is a reason for that though!

      Personally I am really pleased we have some brilliantly upbeat works, some really tricky ones and some that arent the easiest to read. Makes a good eclectic mix and means there is something for every mood and hopefully every reader.

  2. Congratulations, Simon! This is so exciting for you and I was promoting the GCP to a bookish acquaintance last week as it deserves more publicity.

    I have only read In a Strange Room so far and wasn’t wowed by it. I think it was beautifully written but that the tripartite structure was weak, with the three parts working better independently than as a whole. I also think the comparisons to Coetzee have done Galgut a disservice (or he may very well try too hard to be Coetzee) as I’d far prefer to read Coetzee instead.

    The Slap is on my TBR regardless of whether it makes the shortlist for either the GCP or Man Booker shortlists; I love how divisive the book seems to be and it has appealed for a long time.

    I have my desperate little hands on the proof of Mary Ann in Autumn as of today and thoroughly delighted both to be able to read an advance copy and that it made your list! Although it must have been a struggle for you to read it knowing as I do your preference to read series of books in sequence!

    All the very best with the rest of the prize and whittling down the longlist to a smaller bunch.

    P.S. Lovely photo of the judges by Dom!

    • Thanks Claire. I can’t really comment on the ins and outs of my specific thoughts on specific books. I think some of the books on the list are quite Marmite books I think we have a few one judge might have hated and then all the others loved, we also had a few one loved and no one else did it just too championing and persuasive arguments with some titles… it was very like a book group in a weird way. I will try and put my thoughts on the process together without giving anything away (not easy) soon.

      You know me so well, in fact one of the other books is a series that I hadnt read so I have broken my issue… maybe! Ha! Maupin wasnt a problem though, have read all that series in fact I think only one of the judges hadnt. I will be looking forward to your thoughts, I wont be giving mine until after the winner is announced whoever that may be.

  3. I think that is a great picture of the group of you. You should be proud…you all have worked hard. I’ve not read any of these, but The Slap has been high on my list for some time.

    • We did sit in amazement after the long list was decided at how in a month we have come quite a long way. Theres still a way to go and getting it more promoted is a big thing we are all thinking about because we really want people to read these books. Really, really, really want them to.

      Next year though is going to be even bigger and better, I am already excited about that one ha!

  4. I wish any of my work meetings were as engaging or amusing as your meeting last night! You’ve certainly come up with an intriguing longlist, full of titles I’ve never read (though several are on my TBR list). The group picture is fantastic.

  5. I am spreading the word here:
    It’s in Dutch as I am based here but I love this idea and I think that it should be known in the Netherlands, the gay friendly country. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Anna, the competition was open to books world wide (well as long as published here for the first time in 2010) and so to get a worldwide audience and these book well known here there and everywhere – we know some are already – would be amazing.

  6. Great list. I haven’t read any of them, but I do have one here on my tbr piles (The Slap). I’ll be on the lookout for the other titles.

  7. A nice even list simon ,I m not a huge fan of the slap ,but have read other Galguts and have read most of couplands bar this and whites a boys own story is a book I loved when I read it ,all the best on shortlisting them ,all the best stu

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  9. I’ve been off a googling the titles (maybe linking up to somewhere to buy them on the GC site might be a good idea so people can read descriptions) and some sound very interesting. Great job assembling a long list and I’ll try to tell everyone I can about the project.

    I might try to read some of the longlist before the shortlist is announced, although I’m still not sure I can get excited about ‘The Slap’. I totally disregarded a Maupin title because I thought your (very sensible if you ask me) ideas on series in order reading would send it packing 😉

    • We ummed and ahhhed about having links to a certain site but we thought it might look like we were trying to make money, which while we would love a sponsor we arent wanting to do affiliate links or anything like that.

  10. So pleased to discover the prize & read the fantastic short list. Disagree with one, which I’d have replaced with a different book, but who am I to argue! Sadly it’s the only one I’ve read, I had thought I read a lot of gay fiction but I’m going to do my best to get through the most interesting of the bunch before the short list is announced!

    Have you got a Facebook page for the prize? Might be a really easy way to get it promoted.

    I’ve popped up a news item on the magazine I’m part of, see link above!


    • Thanks Caspar we had a look and its really nice how some people are getting involved and promoting it all so positively we are really grateful.

      We do have a facebook page indeed. You will have to add yourself.

  11. I haven’t read any of these! I’m planning on starting The Slap soonish because I’ve been keen to read it since it first came out, and I love Douglas Coupland but I didn’t like Generation X so I wasn’t interested in reading this one …

    I haven’t checked out the details of this prize yet but, is it only for male authors?

    • I read either on the official site or another judges that it was felt lesbian fiction is often included in mainstream prize lists so Green Carnation is focusing on gay male fiction. Or maybe I just imagined I read that?!

      • Ohhhh I see, that makes sense then! It is gay male authors or subject matter, or both? I know Christos Tsiolkas book Loaded is about a gay man but I hadn’t assumed the author was gay – though it makes sense that he would be … 😉

      • Its not so much we feel it gets included in all the other prizes its more that we wanted to be specific as just with gay male authors we had a huge amount to read.

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  13. I picked up two of the books off the longlist today. I’m still debating getting the Galgut…

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