On Strike, So Will Just Read Instead…

London it seems has pretty much come to a stand still as we are enduring a big tube strike. So even though I work from home I decided I will not go into work today, blaming the tube strike of course, and will spend the day reading. But what shall I read next, I want to read again now thankfully, I just simply can’t decide.

I am not in any particular mood other than the mood for recommendations. So any suggestions? They would be most welcome!  

P.S Am aware that have a picture just there —-> with a current read but finished that so until know what reading next am being lazy!


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11 responses to “On Strike, So Will Just Read Instead…

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  2. I love your justification for reading!!! It works for me. I don’t know exactly what you have on your pile these days, but I vote for spooky. It is RIP season you know.

  3. teadevotee

    Are you wanting strike related books?!?! Don’t know if I can help you there….but I just finished Our Man in Havana, and thought it was hilarious, if you are in the mood for being cheered up. Though with a self-imposed day off, that’s probably cheering enough in itself!

    • Hahaha no I wasnt after strike related books, I dont think there are any are there… actually there probably are.

      I have heard such good things about Our Man in Havana I might have to turn to some green soon.

  4. Dan P.

    I recommend something by Carol Shields out of regret that she seems to be overlooked these days (unjustly so in my humble opinion). How about Mary Swann, it’s ending is rather odd and I would love to hear what you make of it (it’s a book that I love to hate and hate to love). If you haven’t read it and decide to I would recommend not looking ahead, not even one glance at a page beyond the one you are reading.

  5. Alex Brustolon

    I love that pic , what stationis that ?

  6. EllenB

    Am in the middle of Hartley’s The Go-Between and loving it. Am I the only person who never read this book?

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