The Man Booker Shortlist 2010

How did I forget that this was being announced today?? I have missed taking part in my guessing games! Anyways, a big well done to Andrea Levy and Emma Donoghue on being short listed for their books ‘The Long Song’ and ‘Room’. I can’t comment on Damon Galgut (as he is on The Green Carnation Longlist) but I think I can congratulate him though without it looking like favouritism or some such? Though I am aware I don’t want to open another can of worms. I will talk about ‘In A Strange Room’ at some point just not quite yet.


Will I read the other three?


I would like to try one of Howard Jacobson’s books after hearing him talk earlier in the year and laughing rather a lot and Peter Carey is another author I have lots of books of and yet haven’t read a word of. I am not sure though with Carey if this book would be where I would want to start? However I don’t have their two listed books. I do have ‘C’ by Tom McCarthy though and have heard some rather intriguing things (its already favourite to win according to the bookies) so maybe that’s one to take on the long trains up north and back this weekend. What do you think?

Oh and speaking of recommending books, can you please post some recommendations below just here. I know I am on strike (mind you three posts in one day isn’t a strike, in fact I should stop) like London Transport – but your not allowed to be ha! Thanks in advance.


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10 responses to “The Man Booker Shortlist 2010

  1. C has baffled some, bored others but I think it’s certainly one of the more interesting titles on the list and well worth a read. Don’t expect the comforts of a normal novel though, this is one that tickles the grey cells and approaches the reader from a slightly different angle.

    • I meant to start it the other week William and I still haven’t. I think its one for after we have short listed The Green Carnation. I am back into re-reading those heavily at the moment now Jane Eyre is done (which I am really missing).

  2. I have read the sane three as you, Simon, and C appeals and intrigues (I think it has the best chances of winning).

  3. I think you’d probably enjoy C – only one way to find out 🙂

  4. I m gonna try read them all ,nearly did all six last year was halfway through wolf hall on prize day ,all the best st

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