Book Giveaway – The Portrait of a Mother as a Young Woman by Friedrich Christian Delius

Don’t you just hate it when you are in the middle of a book and you go and leave it somewhere? Well that happened to me last weekend with the latest Peirene Press book which I had wanted to read for an event tonight (see the post above for more details) when I went and promptly left it on my aunties sofa.

The very kind Meike and Maddy at Peirene heard of my plight (via Twitter) and very kindly sent me a second copy which of course means, once Gran has picked it up from my aunties and passes it onto me possibly reading it in between, I have a spare copy and its one that I am giving away world wide…

All you have to do is leave your name in the comments below (I was tempted to make it so you had to share a tale of a time you misplaced a book half way through and what the outcome was but then thought I bet everyone else isn’t as careless – though if you have been do share and make me feel better) before midnight GMT on Wednesday 17th of Sept and you could win it via a random draw – good luck!!!


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23 responses to “Book Giveaway – The Portrait of a Mother as a Young Woman by Friedrich Christian Delius

  1. Please enter me in the draw! Thank you.

  2. Ohh I really want to read this book, please put me in the hat


  3. No need to enter me, just wanted to say that I left a book at a train station once, leaving me book-less for a 3-hr train ride. It was awful. Then again, I never got a new copy of the book (Abundance, by Sena Jeter Naslund), and never felt the need to know what happened… so maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

  4. Jen

    I would love to read this book! Thanks for the giveaway! Jennifer Miller

  5. I’d love the chance to read this. Please throw my name into the hat. I’ve misplaced a few books, especially when moving house, but none that I was in the middle of reading, not that I remember anyway. Or maybe I’ve just blocked it out it was so traumatic… 😉

  6. A book I would happily not worry about my TBR pile to have. I almost forgot my book in a shop the other day, remembered just in time to go back and pick it up.

  7. Carol Wong

    Please count me in. I remember when I was in junior high school. I checked a book out from the public library and got a call from the library that the book was overdue. I had started the book and it was a great read and then lost it. I lopoked everywhere at home and the car. It turned up at school! I returned the book, paid the fine and never knew how it ended. Sigh. But at least, I can no longer remember the title of the book.


  8. Please put me in the draw! Thank you… and well done on having your book found!

  9. I would like to be added as well 🙂

  10. Bet

    Please put me in the draw– it sounds great!

  11. henrietta

    I thought “Beside the Sea” was extraordinairy. Please enter me in the draw as I would welcome a read from the same stable.

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  13. marina

    Please enter me in the draw as well! I’d love to read this after the reviews you and Simon T have given it.

  14. Sophie

    Me too please Simon! I once left a copy of The End of the Affair on an airplane when I had only 20 pages left. I think I ended up finding a comfy in a bookshop and surreptitiously finishing it there while trying very carefully not to break the spine…

  15. Oh, so I’m not too late? Great! Count me in.

  16. please count me in if you are willing to mail to the States, this book sounds great. Thanks for hosting this giveaway and for constantly giving wonderful book recommendations!

  17. Oh, I would love to be included, please: I’ve been hearing so many wonderful things about the books from this press. They sound irresistible!

    (This would, though, require a mailing to Canada, which would be a bit of bother for you.)

  18. Throwing my hat in contest. Thanks.

  19. Please include me in this! Thanks!

  20. Curzon Tussaud

    Please enter my name in the draw! Thank you!

  21. Please throw my name into the hat! Cheers!!

  22. m

    Please count me in if I’m not too late to join in?

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