And The Man Booker Prize 2010 Winner is…

…Well we don’t know yet but we will do later tonight. If you are bored of all things booker, and I admit I have gone off it a little this year, then fear not there is another BIG thank you post coming later on today. As I mentioned I have been a little ‘meh’ about the Man Booker this year, maybe reading everything in the longlist last year put me off for a couple of years, or maybe being a judge on another book prize had me book prized out. However a book award is a book award and I do love a good guessing game so I thought I would put forward who I want to win and who I think will win.

Of the whole shortlist I have only read half of them so I am not 100% qualified to really make a decision; hey ho this is only for fun. I actually have a sneaking suspicion that a book that I haven’t yet read will win this year and that is the bookies favourite ‘C’ by Tom McCarthy. I actually wanted to read this one the most out of the short listed books I hadn’t touched yet, however, I never seemed to have the time and I think it’s a book you need a good hour or two with before you can get a hold on it and read it commuting or stealing an hour with it here and there. I decided to give that free time to ‘Jane Eyre’ instead which wasn’t hard to get onto but needed quite a chunk of time and ‘Crime and Punishment’ will be getting the devotion time next. If ‘C’ wins I will undoubtedly read it, though possibly not for six months or more as the hype will quite possibly put me off for a while… but you never know.

So that’s who I think will win but who do I want to win? Well as I type this it’s a real tie with me and it’s between these two books, both which I have read and loved for completely different reasons…

‘Room’ By Emma Donoghue was a book that I was instantly blown away by because it seemed so different from anything I had read in ages. ‘The Long Song’ by Andrea Levy was a book that I loved when I read it and has stayed with me long after, especially the voice of its narrator Miss July. So I am torn really on which of these two should win. I should say I think Damon Galgut’s book is very interesting too. That’s so hedging my bets isn’t it. Ok, ok…

If you had to push me on which of those I would choose then it would have to be ‘The Long Song’ it’s had less publicity and sales than ‘Room’ and I think it deserves an equal amount. It’s also a proper story and I think its time book prizes went back to that. Maybe I should have popped a bet on Levy as she’s not the favourite and my gut instinct wants her to win. What do you all think about it all this Man Booker business this year?

*Well, blimey, it was Howard Jacobson for ‘The Finkler Question’. I haven’t read it, I am not sure I will… but I might, maybe, eventually! I know this shouldnt count but he sounds lovely on the radio and was very funny when I saw him at the Foyles ‘Vintage Day’ when he was very entertainingly discussing sex in books!!! 


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10 responses to “And The Man Booker Prize 2010 Winner is…

  1. From the title I thought the selection was finished! Time has got a bit mixed up for me. I’d go with the Andrea Levy one myself.

  2. I have just started reading C – it is totally different to anything I usually read and while I wouldn’t exactly say I was enjoying it exactly it is definitely interesting. I have a feeling it will be the winner…

  3. I’m never really “in the know” when it comes to book prizes. I like your bet though, because out of the titles I’d like it to win as well. Room, I don’t know, maybe I just don’t want it to win because it has been getting so much attention? C seems to be doing really well with bloggers as well and it might be considered more “literary” and thus worthy of the prize by some?

  4. I’ve not read any of them, so I should just keep quiet. My book club is reading Room this month, so I will pick that up next. I have long questioned the sanity of the judging panel though. It seems that sometimes the choices are counter-intuitive.

  5. novelinsights

    I’m just being lazy and waiting to see what wins before reading any 🙂 so I really can’t comment. Really want to read Room though… as you know… hahaha

  6. I have just read C. An unusual book with lots of great moments, but also lots of technical (perhaps not quite the right word but I can’t think of another) moments which had me scratching my poor bewildered head….But certainly better than The Finkler Question, the only other Booker title I have read.

  7. I haven’t read any but would support your gut instinct and my gambling instinct and bet on The Long Song

  8. Bet

    I find I have read 3 of the shortlisted books without even knowing they were on the longlist, as I pay less and less attention to these prizes every year (the exception to that is the Orange Prize). I greatly enjoyed The Long Song and loved Room even more. But The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet was my favorite of those three. It was long and rambling and full of unrequited and frustrated emotion– a perfect fall read!

  9. Jessica

    I hope Emma D wins it for Room!

  10. I reviewed the FQ and thought is was OK but not prize-winning material. But then how could anyone agree on one book among so many? I can’t say I’d recommend you put yourself out to read it though

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