Thank You Dear Readers

If you are interested in the Man Booker prize then you can go here, but if you a bit over it already then here is post that’s not booker related at all, its very book related though. Firstly a big thank you for all your thoughts and comments (and emails too) after I had a small grump ‘moment’ last week. I am still working on my review policy and my guidelines to Savidge Reads; it’s harder than you think, they will be up before the end of the week though – there’s just a lot of brainstorming going on at the moment.

My second thanks goes to five of you lovely readers who wish to remain nameless (you shouldn’t be so modest as what you have done is a lovely thing, but I have emailed you with individual thanks) who have sent me some books which are…


The Cat Who Could Read Backwards & The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern by Lilian Jackson Braun – I had not heard of this possibly cosy crime series which not only has an amateur detective by the name of Jim Qwilleran but an even more unusual one named Koko… a Siamese cat! I will be tucking into the first one of these very soon.

On The Beach by Nevil Shute – Well I have already recently read this but I had gotten mine from the library, a reader very kindly sent me one of their old copies which is now sat on my lovely new shelves.

My Turn To Make The Tea by Monica Dickens – I saw this a while back on Kim’s blog and as a journalist myself this sounded right up my street, well I couldn’t buy one but a lovely reader sent me their old copy, another book I will be reading swiftly (I have so many books I want to read RIGHT NOW its getting a bit out of hand).

The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter – I loved ‘The Bloody Chamber’ and when I was asked if I would take a copy of a readers hands I thought ‘oooh why not’. I wasn’t expecting it to be this lovely green Virago Modern Classic edition.

David Golder by Irene Nemirovsky – I seem to be a changed man after rather disliking ‘Suite Francaise’ but really liking ‘Jezebel’ so am hoping this book also falls into the latter camp, I seem to be gaining a Nemirovsky collection now as I managed to get her short stories published by Persephone from my local library.

What a lovely haul! I am really chuffed with these and can’t thank you enough. Has anyone read any of these, where would you recommend I start… or what would you like to hear more about and see me read, though it will be done on whim?


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8 responses to “Thank You Dear Readers

  1. Ooo, I’ve read two of ’em. The Monica Dickens is fun (not perhaps as good as One Pair of Hands and One Pair of Feet, but still good fun). And the Nemirovsky is very impressive – quite different from Suite Francaise.

    Here are my reviews, should you be interested, as my bed is too befuddled this morning to think clearly:

    Oh, it seems I didn’t review the Dickens. Oops…

  2. I love your blog. I have read many of the Cat who series and they are a delightful read, light and funny. The Danish modern is amongst the best. I hope you enjoy. Your blog always makes me smile and think, a great combo.

  3. novelinsights

    That’s a nice stash from some lovely people.

    You forgot to linky the ‘here’ and ‘here’ at the top of your post!

    The mood that I’m in today (wanting to snuggle under a duvet not be in front of a computer) I would read the cosy crime series 🙂

  4. a great haul simon ,all the best stu

  5. Oh, I read the Cat Who series years ago & you are in for a treat with Yoko & Yum Yum’s exploits! They do make for cosy reads.

    I’ve read The Passion of New Eve of course & it’s not my favourite Carter; it is very much a book to study rather than one to be read and enjoyed.

  6. Those look wonderful 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have fun reading them.

  7. Villane

    I’m devastated that ROOM didn’t win. It was the first book that I read in under 24 hours in years — and that included a full day of work. I couldn’t put it down — it’s amazing how Jack was able to me see my day to day was almost as small as his, and I live in NYC. But his discovery of the world is so inspiring. And the grandmother a riot. It’s been a long long time since someone’s work has had this profound an effect on me. Emma, you rock!

  8. Sophie

    Oooo Simon, no comment on the books in this post but I see you’re reading Our Man in Havana which is really exciting to me. I adore Graham Greene and this is one of my favourites. I do hope you enjoy it.

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