Spending Sundays With A Classic… Suspended

Well I am still having a sort of break from blogging but I wanted to just give you an update on one thing that I decided on yesterday, which was of course Sunday. That is that I have decided to cancel the rest of ‘Spending Sundays with a Classic’ I’m afraid.

I started ‘Crime and Punishment’ yesterday and I have a feeling that I am going to love it. However… it was just too heavy for my mood at the moment and I would want to give it its fare dues and read it without pressure. I actually think that it might be the perfect book for my plane flight to Brazil? I had a think about swapping some of the titles around and then I just thought ‘no… stop’. As you will see in my guidelines (and I still haven’t done my guidelines 100% but they are coming) one big thing for me moving forward will be ‘whim reading’ and that will involve classics just not under any deadlines or pressure.

So I am sorry if you have planned to read any of them but I will be reading them at some point just when they take my fancy. Isn’t it odd that deadlines don’t seem to work for me and yet I am in journalism?  Anyway they are all still on my peripheral eye line and at the top of the TBR so I will be getting to them when the mood overtakes. Right am off to go and find something to suit my current reading mood which is comfy I think… though what quite qualifies as a comfy book I have no idea. I will report back in due course.


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5 responses to “Spending Sundays With A Classic… Suspended

  1. I definitely agree with not trying to read classics to a deadline – I tried it (see the start of my blog – which was originally an attempt to read 40 classics in 40 weeks!) and got stuck in Dickens and could not bear to keep going.

    Reading should be fun!

  2. Oh dear, this means I will not have the incentive to read Great Expectations! But I totally understand – reading to a deadline isn’t fun; I do enough of that as a student. Let me know if you ever do read GE and that might be enough to get me readin’…

  3. Pity, but of course, if you like reading, read for fun, not from some self-imposed duty. I am at Great Expectations now, and it IS great.

  4. novelinsights

    Definitely agree that you shouldn’t rush this one. C&P is one of my favourites and you probably need a bit of a while to slowly get into it. I think spending a Sunday with a classic is a lovely thing to do, but even more lovely when it’s a whimsical rather than a planned Sunday.

  5. Well I scrolled back a ways in your posts and found the answer to the question I left on your post today, Oct. 24. I finished Crime and Punishment on Tuesday but certainly do not feel robbed! At first I was disappointed to hear that you have cancelled Sunday with a Classic but can understand your point of view. I first thought that now I would be less inclined to read the other four. But on second thought, since I have them all I will try to finish up the list, but not necessarily on the original time table.

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