And The Green Carnation Shortlist is…

It is my pleasure to announce that The Green Carnation Prize Shortlist 2010 (though it’s actually already on The Green Carnation site) is a brilliant selection of five books which are…

  • Paperboy – Christopher Fowler
    (Bantam Books)
  • God Says No – James Hannaham
  • London Triptych – Jonathan Kemp
    (Myriad Editions)
  • Children of the Sun – Max Schaefer
  • Man’s World – Rupert Smith
    (Arcadia Books)

Why these five books? Well I cannot speak for the whole judging panel as a whole but I can say that we are all really, really pleased with this selection of books. Though it was blinking hard as the longlist was very strong!!!

Personally I can say that I  could happily recommend that you read each of the titles not only for the writing which I think is brilliant in every case I can recommend them individually Paperboy for its wit, voice and style as a memoir, God Says No for putting you into the mind set of someone I never thought I could understand and enraging you and making you laugh out loud, London Triptych for its characters (one of which might just be my favourite character of the year) and historical feel over the generations, Children of the Sun for being an importantly disturbing and shocking tale and Man’s World for its humour, emotion and more. I could go on and on about each and every one of them.

Can you tell that we have quite a mission ahead of us as a panel of judges? I think every single one of these books would be a worthy winner.

So what do you think of the short list? Have you read any of them?


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5 responses to “And The Green Carnation Shortlist is…

  1. I saw the list flagged up on Twitter earlier and left a comment on the official site.

    It looks like a very interesting list, namely because I’ve not read any of them, and am only familiar with one author, so I guess that means there’s plenty there for me to discover.

    When is the winner named?

  2. As I mentioned on the Green Carnation Prize website itself – fabulous list of books! Especially excited to see London Triptych as I will likely be reading it for another award list 🙂

  3. I have London Triptych and it’s my goal to read it before the winner is announced. I was expecting God Says No to get on there as it’s been so well recieved everywhere and now that you lot have sanctioned it I can start believing it and not dismissing it as hype.

  4. Congrats on whittling it down this far! I’ve heard really good things about Children of the Sun and would love to read it at some point. I second kimbofo’s request to keep as updated as you get closer to choosing a winner…

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