Fancy Some Free Books?

We all like free books don’t we? As I mentioned yesterday in the earlier of two posts I am giving two of you the chance to win over 20 books each, but more of that in a little bit. Free books have made my year of not buying books all the more liveable, not that it’s been as hard as I thought – more on that in a post nearer the end of the year though.

The first way you could get a free book, I know one isn’t as good as twenty but its still a free book, this week is by popping into Waterstones (if you are in the UK) and getting the latest issue of Waterstones Magazine. It’s £2.95 normally but if you have a Waterstones card, and every book lover should, then it’s free and along with lots of great author interviews you also get over 116 reviews and this month it comes with a free read…

I haven’t read any Philip Kerr so I don’t really know what to expect from ‘The One From The Other’ so if any of you have read any Kerr then I would love to hear more about him. I know this is part of a series of Bernie Gunther but I don’t think it’s the first which might cause me some issue with my wanting to read everything in order rule, ha.

Now then speaking of series the moment you have been waiting for as thanks to the lovely publishers Constable and Robinson I am going to be giving two of you the chance to win the whole of one of my favourite series of books… the whole Agatha Raisin series, all 20 novels and ‘The Companion Guide’ which will make the perfect Christmas read for any book lover.

So what do you have to do to win this lovely lot? Simply leave a comment below saying that you want to be entered into the mix for these lovely treats and I will pick a winner in time for my bookish bits next Saturday. There is a small glitch, you need to be in the UK and Ireland only because the cost of shipping this lot is going to be rather high, so maybe if you have a friend in the UK who could forward it on get them to enter. So good luck!


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24 responses to “Fancy Some Free Books?

  1. I wont be able to enter but thats ok. Thanks for being so generous! someone is going to benefit hugely..

  2. Mae

    Darn it! I would have loved the Agatha Raisins.

  3. Wow – the WHOLE series! How amazing!! As I said I’m I’ve started the first one in the series but having the rest just sitting there – that would be amazing!

  4. sarah broadhurst

    i would love to be entered into the draw please

  5. Anne Cater

    Great prize Simon – thanks! Please can I enter. Cheers!

  6. lizzysiddal

    I want to encourage you to pick up that Kerr post-haste. Forget the sequence rule – it really doesn’t matter with this one.

  7. Karen

    I’d love to be entered in the draw, thanks.

  8. caitlin

    Oh wow a whole set of books by an author I’ve never read, a girl can dream…

  9. May I be entered please? I was unlucky in that the Kerr book wasn’t available when I picked up my Books Quarterly.. 😦

  10. Pippa

    Please enter me Simon, thanks very much. Pippa

  11. Andrea C.

    Great Gove away – please put my name into the hat to win these great sounding books


  12. Christine C

    Oh yes please, I have been wanting to read all the Agatha Raisin books for ages, I had the pleaseure of reading the Quiche of Death but haven’t gotten any further 😦 I actually laughed out loud with that one!

  13. I’ve never read any of these books and would love to so yes please put me in the draw.

  14. I’m not ready to commit to 20 Agatha Raisen books yet, but I am going to give one a go in the upcoming year. Seriously.

    I have read five or six by Philip Kerr. I enjoyed the first B. Gunther books, the Berlin Noir Trilogy, but realy felt the story was over at that point. Kerr is a writer who makes a living at it. On the plus side that means he writes entertaining books. On the negative side that means he writes books even when he doesn’t really have anything to say. It’s a living. I think he’s hit and miss.

    Hope this one is a hit.

  15. Great Competition! Please put my name in hat..Cheers

  16. Carol

    Please enter me in the draw.

  17. What a lovely competition please count me in.

  18. Completely bummed to be living outside UK but applauding you for such a wonderful offer. Agatha Raisin is somewhere in my future – I just know it!

  19. wigsonthegreen

    I’m new to these but definitely curious to sample them so please enter me in the draw.

  20. Curzon Tussaud

    I’d love to enter; I’ve read one or two of these books and find them delightful and funny.

  21. Dot

    Please put my name in Simon, I love Agatha Raisin!!

  22. JoV

    What a coincidence! I wrote about Waterstone’s offer last week!

    Please enter me for Agatha Raisin please, thank you!

  23. Lizzie

    My fingers are well and truly crossed to win these books. What a chance!!

  24. I’ve read Kerr’s Berlin Noir trilogy. I liked the noir aspect very much and the first and third books were my favorite I think. They are very dark books, which I guess is expected when you have a noir mystery set in the Third Reich.

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