New Book Group Nerves

I’ve not been properly up north three days and yet I have already managed to get myself into a book group. The lovely author Paul Magrs, who I now live about ten minutes away from on the bus, and a few of the local people of Levenshulme meet once a month to discuss a wide variety of books and so I have elbowed my way in I was kindly invited to join… but I am nervous.

It’s not about the book, which this month is Susan Hill’s latest ghostly tale ‘The Small Hand’ (which I have already devoured and posted about) which I am sure will give us plenty to talk about. It’s more the fact it’s new… and new people. You see I am not so good with new people. I tend to go really quiet and start looking very uncomfortable, accidently start sneering a little bit (its fear not arrogance) or I rabbit on and on talking absolute gibberish. The later will certainly not do because Susan Hill’s book is worthy of far more than gibberish when discussed and the other two aren’t going to leave a great impression on a group whom I want to make acquaintances and get invited back to meet next month.

I could worry about it endlessly however I will be taking my two year old twin cousins to their playgroup Christmas Party (heavens above) and then off to meet my new doctor before heading off again to look at some rather swanky flats, if I do say so myself, in the afternoon so hopefully that will take my mind off it. I could also maybe spend some time reading the book again, is it cheating if I don’t? Any tips on how or how not to make a lasting impression with this new bookish group?

I will report back in due course and let you know how I do or don’t get on… eek!


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9 responses to “New Book Group Nerves

  1. I joined a book group when I moved to Oxford last year and was just as nervous as you are. I kept fairly quiet for the first meeting but soon got more confident and now am so happy I joined — some of us went out for a Christmas meal last week which was really good fun. It’s a great way of getting to know people in your new place of residence. Hope the posh flats turn out to be right for you! manchester has soon very good ones.

  2. JoV

    You live in Levenshulme now?!! I used to stay in Slade Lane, behind Levenshulme.

    Hope your posh flat works out. Just be yourself, I’m sure they will love you in no time. 🙂

  3. Eva

    I’m sure it will go better than you’re thinking! 🙂 I don’t have many hints, though, having never participated in an offline book group. I think you’re ahead of the game since you enjoyed the book!

    Also, I lurve that cover.

  4. Annabel

    You’re allowed to be quiet at first if you want to! You’ll find your voice soon enough, and we’ll (virtually) hold your hand if it helps. I share your shyness in new surroundings with new people, but give me a couple of hours and a pint or two and I’ll join in with the best of them usually. Looking forward to your report …

  5. I completely understand about the “new” thing. It takes me a while to get comfortable with new people, if I ever do. I’m glad you are settling in.

  6. novelinsights

    You, quiet? Pah. Glad that you’re already diving in with a new book group and impressed that you’ve managed to get a doc lined up so quickly. You will be missed at RR’s!!

  7. To be honest I’m sure they’ll love you but I know how you feel joining a new group is hard, especially when the group is a mature one that has meeting for a long time. My main fears are the fact I’m not shy and I’d hate to over ride everyone with my loud voice haha. As you said though just about trying to balance how involved you get, no need to go mad!

  8. That was quick! Enjoy!
    Seeing as you loved the book you will be passionate & have lots to say but just try to be natural and enjoy it.
    I’m glad you are settling in so quickly; I was going to ask about your twin cousins- glad you have opportunity to spend more time with them.
    As for flats: there is so much more for your money out of London.

  9. Janette

    if its any consolation I was nervous too – especially when I found out I was sitting a room with an author and a journalist both of whom are judges of a literary award! hope the ice was suitably broken and look forward to seeing you next time. PS really like the blog…..

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