New Library, New Loot

I mentioned yesterday that I was on the hunt for a new library where I could actually take books out and I think a few of you (or maybe this was on twitter too) said Manchester Central Library would be best. Sadly, as I discovered yesterday, that library of such legend is closed for refurbishment until 2013 (selfish) but I did find one closer to my new abode and joined without needing any ID at all, how mad is that? What was even madder was that I was very restrained with what I took out.

Normally I would go mad and get anything and everything that takes my fancy in a slight ‘I have a library card and I am not afraid to use it’ kind of way, however I only came away with three – yes that is right, just three – books on my first visit. I am not sure what has caused such restraint in me but restrained I was and came away with my new library card (as shown below) and…

  • A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali by Gil Courtemanche – some of the lovely ladies at my new book group were saying this is one of the saddest but most moving and important books they had read on Monday and so I thought with that many people saying the same thing I should give it a whirl.
  • Truth or Fiction by Jennifer Johnston – ever since the lovely Kimbofo chose ‘The Illusionist’ by Jennifer Johnston for Not The TV Book Group earlier this year, which I really liked, I have been meaning to read another. They had loads of her books but this was the most recent and the shortest which with my current book attention span is ideal.
  • The Empty Family by Colm Toibin – you will quite possibly know that I loved ‘Brooklyn’ when I read it last year and though I have most of his books on Mount TBR, Mount TBR is currently in a lock up in slight disarray (don’t fear I did bring a few boxes and bags of books into my new abode too) and this was a collection I have begged Penguin for but never heard back about. So you can imagine that I almost let out a little squeal of joy when I saw this, a previously unborrowed copy, on the shelves. I think this might be my next read actually.

It’s a small haul but one filled with quality I think, which might be my new library loan mantra. Its not about getting loads, it’s about picking a few gems. Mind you I am saying that, the nearby library is quite small and perfectly formed, I have learnt there is a huge one a mere bus ride away! I am hoping these three are gems though, have any of you read them, any thoughts? What did you last get from the library?


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6 responses to “New Library, New Loot

  1. What a pretty library card, mine is a very bright ghastly shade of green. I’ve never even heard of any of these books you brought home, but will be checking out the Courtemanche one in more detail.
    I’m trying to tackle all the library books I have out before the new year so I can start the TBR Dare in the new year

  2. Eva

    I tried Sundays at the Pool in Kigali but couldn’t get into it. I hope you have better luck! 🙂

    Also, I’m impressed with such library restraint. hehe

  3. You’re in the north! When the weather has improved and you’re feeling better I’d be happy to give you a guided tour of The Leeds Library, the oldest private library in the country. (Not to be confused with the city library)

  4. ms6282

    Make the most of your local library. It probably won’t be around much longer when the Tory cuts start to bite next year.

  5. As a librarian, I’m happy to hear that you’ve found a library to visit. Many people tell me that one of the first things they do when they move to a new city is seek out the library. That’s what I love to hear!

  6. I agree on the quality over quantity but Ihate to get caught without reading matter, so with the impending holidays and library closed from the 24th for about five days I have taken heaps out!!!

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