My Favourite Day of the Year?!?

I have to say that I think Boxing Day could be my favourite
day of the year! I love Christmas Day, but it always becomes a
frenzy and a little fraught and fretful – or is that just me? I
quite like my birthday but it tends to be an anti-climax, I always
get a bit too excited it’s lethal! Boxing Day is another thing all
together… You see it’s a day where you nibble (lots), drink and
be merry (some more and as hair of the dog), and enjoy your
presents! Such as nice new books in front of the log fire with lots
of chocolate, well thats what I have been doing so far!

So what are you
all doing on Boxing Day? Did you get lots of lovely pressies? I’ll
be reporting back on mine in the New Year as I’ve got a second
Christmas Day at my Mum’s on New Years Eve and have a feeling have
a few more delights await me! So what did you all get?

Please note: that’s not the lounge I am currently in!


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7 responses to “My Favourite Day of the Year?!?

  1. I love Boxing Day too. Usually it’s the day to pull out all my recipes for turkey leftovers but, for the first time ever, we didn’t do a turky last night (went to my brother’s girlfriend’s family gathering instead) and so I’m hitting the sales (also, first time doing so). A bit terrified, I must admit, but it’s comforting to know that whatever shock I may get from venturing into the stores today I’ll have Christmas cookies and nice new books to come home to!

  2. I may head for a bookstore or two today, myself. No one buys me books anymore out of the fear that I’ve already read it. But I do have a gift card…..

  3. novelinsights

    Blimming heck! For a moment I thought that was where you were staying – like something out of the ideal home show. Oh wait, it probably is.

    Totally agree with you. Boxing day is great. Still feeling festive, but none of the stress of Christmas day. Glad you’re relaxing!

  4. Its the 27th in Melbourne!I loved it yesterday here – it was my first boxing day sales you see!!!! I have never seen Melburnians so enthusiastic about shopping. I joined in the fun and loved it.

  5. Ooo, my favorite day too! PJs and leftovers and cookie making anew when they all run out. Games and movies and lots of reading. Just the best! And I was really hoping that that was the lounge you were in. Beautiful. Now back to my pile of books.

  6. Happy Boxing Day to you as well, it is a fantastic day you are right!

  7. I loved my presents. Under one tree I’ve found lots of books and under another money to buy some more. Perfect Christmas. 🙂

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