The Final Bits of 2010… What Where My Favourite Books?

I wasn’t really planning on doing a specific post on my favourite books of 2010 and yet I didn’t really feel like I could move onto a new year of reading unless I did. Maybe it’s something to do with having actually finalised the year or some such? Or maybe its simply my love of lists? Anyway its now done…

Well when I say ‘it’ is now done I mean ‘they’, as I couldn’t actually just do a single list of the top ten – I went for two. Now knowing some people don’t like these lists, though I have to say I love them, I thought I would hide them in the blog at the end of 2010, so you can find Part One here and Part Two here.

I have started my first book of 2011 (and almost finished it in fact) finally, and I thought I would have a little competition to get us off to a delightful start to 2011. So if you can tell me what my first read is from its first line pop your answer in today’s comments and two of you will be plucked at random and I will send you a copy of any paperback edition of a book on my best of 2010 lists, and its open world wide… how does that sound?

So the first line is this… ‘Hale knew, before he had been in Brighton three hours, that they meant to murder him’.  So what’s the book? Good luck, you have until the review goes up at some point tomorrow!


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18 responses to “The Final Bits of 2010… What Where My Favourite Books?

  1. Brighton Rock by Graham Greene! That certainly brings back some not so fond school memories, which have probably prejudiced me against Greene for life. I really must give him another try some day.

  2. Yep, the line is definitely from ‘Brighton Rock’ by Graham Greene. I love the sense of drama and atmosphere created within this novel. In fact, it was one of the only books we had to read at school, which I really enjoyed.

  3. I read this long time ago. Graham Greene;s Brighton Rock! It rocks!!

  4. lizzysiddal

    It’s definitely Brighton Rock and I’d say it’s an excellent start to a year’s reading.

  5. gaskella

    I actually knew that! Brighton Rock of course. Brilliant and one I must re-read at some time.

  6. well brighton rock ,good start ,with new film due ,altough

  7. well brighton rock ,good start ,with new film due ,altough I love the old one ,all the best stu

  8. Lizzie

    Has to be Brighton Rock!


  9. HA easy – Brighton Rock by Graham Greene – but I did only finish reading it a couple of weeks ago.

  10. Brighton Rock! I’ll be looking forward to your review. I picked it up a few months ago got a few chapters in and then put it down. I really want to finish it but need a bit of a push.

  11. Jo

    That would be Brighton Rock!

  12. Brighton Rock, Graham Greene. I felt so proud of myself for recognizing that but now I see so has everyone else…

  13. Sophie

    Yep, that’s Brighton Rock. A fantastic book and a great choice to start your year off!

  14. I’m going to guess Brighton Rock by Graham Greene…

  15. Brighton Rock by Graham Green?

  16. Renata Holder

    I guessed at Brighton Rock by Graham Green, then I checked on my father’s bookshelves…..

  17. Brighton Rock..great read!

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