A New TV Book Show…

A very quick post between lots of pre-scheduled posts (which are proving invaluable between doctors appointments, hospital visits and generally feeling rather rubbish) as I wanted to share a link with you that made me feel very happy when reading the paper earlier today as there is a new TV show coming soon which is apparently rather like the wonderful ‘Desert Island Discs’… but with books!

‘My Life in Books’ will be on BBC2 and will be hosted by Anne Robinson who will interview the likes of Deborah Devonshire, PD James etc on which five books have proved the most influential, loved or both in their lives, and it will be DAILY! It’s also the start of a year of programming devoted to the written word. Have a look at the link below for further details…


I have to say after having just watched The TV Book Show/Club/Thing barely managing to discuss Andrea Levy’s ‘The Long Song’ (which I loved) and being really rather let down by it all I couldn’t be more pleased that this show, and hopefully many more are coming… Now who do I send a pitch to for a book show I have been thinking about? Can you tell I am a little over excited about this?


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7 responses to “A New TV Book Show…

  1. OO, thanks for drawing my attention to this – how surprising that a terrestrial channel thinks books are worth talking about properly! Let’s hope they do it properly…

  2. Thanks for eyes up on this simon looks great ,all the best stu

  3. How fantastic! I love Desert Island Discs and a book version makes me very excited!

  4. Jo

    Good old BBC!

    Looks like some interesting programmes coming up.

  5. Yes, that Sunday paper item caught my eye too. Anne Robinson grew up where I live so I feel bound not to criticise the choice of host. There was a programme with much the same format, and indeed the same title “My Life in Books”, on the now defunct Oneword Radio a few years back. No matter, the my favourite records/books/room/place/brand of toilet paper feature normally works well in the papers and on the airwaves.

    Simon T will be excited to see that Deborah Devonshire is lined up as one of the guests.

  6. kimbofo

    Why, oh why, does it have to be Anne Robinson? 😦

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