Bookshops I Love; Simply Books

I haven’t really had a chance to get out and about quite as much as I would have liked of late what. However in between docs appointments, hospitals visits and generally feeling rubbish I did manage to find a bookish haven not a million miles away from where I am in the small village of Bramhall and as I know how much you like little virtual wanders around bookish places of delight I thought I would share this wonderful place with you all.

‘Simply Books’ is a shop I had heard raved about by several different sources, so naturally when I happened to be in the vicinity of Bramhall when getting from A to B the other week I had to pop round and have a snoop. Initially I couldn’t find it and instead spent a lovely hour wandering the high street and pooping into lots of charity shops, and then suddenly I turned a corner and look what greeted me…

I felt a little like I had found the Holy Grail on a random suburban road as round these parts and indeed in Manchester itself book shops, apart from Waterstones, are few and far between and I do love an independent book shop especially one that greets you like this…

And not only has a rather large fiction section for an independent but also has one of my favourite features in any book shop ‘the staff recommendation shelves’…

Not only that, and in many ways this is why this shop instantly became my dream ‘if I won the lottery I would have one of these’ sort of shop, but on the ground floor there is a small but perfectly formed café (though you can drink outside as you can see from the first picture) which I can personally testify does both great coffee and cakes…

I wasn’t expecting something so immaculate and yet instantly homely and cosy which the shop is, especially shown when you head up stairs and turn into the travel section and find this…

Who wouldn’t want a nice comfy chair to sit at when you have such a huge selection of non fiction and travel to choose from…

What’s more, and believe me there is more, there is another lovely relaxed sitting area and behind that a table and chairs which I thought would be perfect for any book group…

‘Simply Books’ is, quite simply, a little Aladdin’s cave/place of paradise for any book lover. If only you had one of these in every village and every suburb… or at least at the end of my street! Can you tell I am a little smitten? I think it’s because in many ways its my dream place, I might have to beg them for a job or something!

Do you have any marvellous local independent stores like this? Do let me know and if they have a website like ‘Simply Books’ do then pop a link as I do think we should all be supporting our local independents as much as we can, don’t you?


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6 responses to “Bookshops I Love; Simply Books

  1. This looks like a lovely, lovely place – and it’s not far from me at all! I may have to pay it a visit one of these weekends. Or even this coming weekend.

  2. must admit I ve considered going here manchester only hour or so on the train and popping in here have been to bramhall few times in my youth ,all the best stu

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely spot with us. I am lucky living in a city that still has several very good independent bookstores. My friends and I make an effort to support them any way we can.

  4. gaskella

    What a lovely looking shop – and with a cafe too. Bliss!

  5. Hi Simon,

    I know what you mean about independent stores being dream like places. I would work for nothing, just to be amongst all those books, to be able to drink in and savour the atmosphere.

    I have put a link to our local indie store in Frome, Somerset. They have a great affinity with schools and clubs in the local area and have a good reputation as very knowledgeable people,but their website needs some TLC.

    My favourite place, a little further afield, (Bath is about 10 miles away), is a real treasure trove, open on Sundays and holds loads of great events. Not strictly an indie, as they have a second branch in Ely, they are well worth a mention.

  6. novelinsights

    Ooh lovely looking shop – particularly the cake bit 🙂 When I come to visit we’ll have to go on a a mini-excursion there! x

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