Reading With Authors

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was hankering for the Not The TV Book Group to get back together for another whirl this year. Due to schedules, reading resolutions and all sorts of bits and bobs it looks like unfortunately it wont be happening in 2011, but maybe in 2012, we will see. There was mention of me carrying on with some new hosts but that didn’t seem right and so I went away, thought about it and have come up with something a little bit different…

I do love having a new project to put my energies into, I don’t know if you have spotted that yet? Anyway ‘Reading With Authors’ is only in the planning stages (and its only the working title for now), though I have the first guest author and book in the bag already, but its going to be something a little bit different over the early summer months of 2011 where myself and a guest author will both be discussing a book on the blog but not one that the author has written, and probably not even one they have read before. As you read this some emails will be winging themselves out to some more authors asking if they will be joining in and an official list of the authors, the books and the dates will be coming soon.

I am mulling over the idea of authors reading books which aren’t in their genre for example a crime writer reading something almost the polar opposite of their genre and vice versa. Like I said its all in the planning stages which means of course you can help shape it with your ideas. Are there any authors you would love to see discussing the books? Are there any titles that you would particularly like to see discussed that would make fantastic book group choices and have gone under the radar? How often would you like the book group to be? I am thinking of just hosting five, maybe six, to start off with and am thinking maybe every two or three weeks? Hmmm. Any other thoughts and ideas are most welcome so if you have some suggestions do make them known.

Oh and of course if you are an author or someone who knows and author who might like to do this then do email me and get in touch, or if you can make lovely badges for a new logo, ha.


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6 responses to “Reading With Authors

  1. I think this is a great idea. Look forward to it!

  2. This sounds like a brilliant idea. I don’t have any suggestions. I think it might be interesting to let the author choose the book or if you choose the books.

    Sounds a bit like Book Talk from the BBC. I think I have the title right. A panel of two guests and a host each read books the others recommend and then discuss them. I love that show, but I find it’s best when the quests are not writers. Oddly, random celebrities tend to pick more interesting books than writers do.

  3. Sorry, should have said “A Good Read” on BBC 4. Love that show.

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  5. bookgazing

    Great idea, looking forward to seeing it take shape. My dream author (thinking of people that might fit with your taste in books and are alive) would probably be Amy Sackville, Sophie Hannah, or Jon McGregor.

  6. Sounds like a brilliant idea, Simon – especially if the authors are reading older books, or classics of the particular genre (crime writer reading some Modernism; romance novelist reading Raymond Chandler; children’s writer on Orwell, etc….) but whatever ideas you and the authors come up with will be brilliant, I’m sure!

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