Free Never Let Me Go Audio Books

You may remember a while back the interesting and diverse discussion we had on Savidge Reads regarding Audio Books. I admitted that I have been rather wary of them for various reasons, you may want to have a look at the post to see more into the whys and what-fors, and the responses I had have made me have a think and so I want to try more. So when The Guardian kindly offered to give away copies of the unabridged audio book of Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ (read by the wonderful Emilia Fox)I knew I had to get my hands on it and thought maybe I should share it all with you too if you haven’t already got yourself a copy.

You might want to be quick as you have until 23:59 GMT today to click on the link here and fill in your details and follow the instructions and there you go. It’s all free! I am really looking forward to hearing it, as having really loved the textual/original version of the novel ‘Never Let Me Go’ and having loved it even more when I read it again to write the new Faber & Faber reading guide (which I will pop a link up of once its been published online). I’m also off to see the film, health and everything willing, on Thursday night. It’s like.

I was wondering if lots of us downloaded it maybe it would be worth having a discussion about the audio book, or is that taking the current ‘Never Let Me Go’ fever at Savidge Reads too far?

Oh and don’t forget to pop and have a look, and hopefully leave your suggestions for a new reading group project I am planning for the late spring and early summer this year!


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10 responses to “Free Never Let Me Go Audio Books

  1. kimbofo

    Not a fan of audio books… but I saw the film on the plane back from Oz. It’s unbearably sad. It was embarrassing sitting on the plane howling my eyes out!!

  2. I love audiobooks as I travel a lot by coach (up and down to London on the wonderful Oxford Tube) and can’t read on buses. Have got this and am looking forward to it, though I must admit I don’t usually like this author. But yes, let’s discuss it once everyone has listened to it — nice idea.

  3. Thanks for the heads up – just downloaded it!

  4. I got this audiobook from the library and absolutely loved it. The reader has the most soothing voice, British of course. Alas, more than half way through, the CD began skipping – UGH and I had to get the book. Very different experience. Listening to the book was far more interesting and enjoyable. Have fun listening – I will look forward to your posts. I am a new book blogger and have spent a good amount of time looking at other blogs. I especially like the interview with your Gran. Hope your health holds up for you to see the movie. It is on my Netflix queue.

    • Oooh I loved the book Josh’s Mum. I thought it was unbearably brilliant! In fact I then read it again to write the reading notes and loved it even more.

      Glad you are liking the blog!

  5. I got this as you suggested and have just finished listening to it — in fact I simply couldn’t put it down. Haven’t seen the film or read the book. Are you stil thinking of a group discussion of the audio?

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