Destination Unknown

Excuse spelling as I am writing this on a train to nowhere, ok technically it’s a train to Manchester but from there I don’t know where I could end up all I know is that the aim of today, which I am spending with Mr Magrs, is a big book crawl and possibly a big book haul!

I’m armed with my notepad and pen, an M&S picnic, a sense of adventure and two little pocket sized novellas, what more could I need?

Of course we could end up somewhere dire (though there would still be laughter involved) and we may not buy any books (highly unlikely) but it’s a bookish adventure waiting to happen and with a big results day at the hospital tomorrow it’s just what I need!

I will report back in due course! Do any of you just do a random railway trip simply picking a destination and grabbing book stops as you go?


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7 responses to “Destination Unknown

  1. Dot

    Ooooh this sounds very exciting! Have a lovely time!

  2. novelinsights

    Such fun!

    I definitely need to do something like this – a bit of a whimsical book adventure.

    • Hahahaha indeed it was ‘such fun’. Me and Paul make such a pair of Grannies when we go out. We were both most envious on a day out recently when a woman pulled a wrapped up (for protection) Daphne Du Maurier and some bon bons opposite us. I must pack something similar next time.

  3. hope yoiu had a great day simon not been to manchester for a while must go again as it not far ,all the best stu

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