Hospital Breaks & Books…

By the time this goes up I should be off on my way to the first of what looks like rather a lot of hospital visits over the next month or so and believe me there are a lot (including one operation which is happening a month today… on my blinking birthday, so not fair) which I know is all for my own good after my latest health news. I actually, and rather fortunately at the moment, don’t mind hospitals it has to be said. In my head its lots of time for more reading rather than for what I am actually there for and all the fun that it’ll entail, or not as the case maybe. So my first point today is are there any good books with hospitals in or based in them?

Maybe not quite on the scale of ‘The Surgeon’ by Tess Gerritsen which the lovely Novel Insights (who came to visit me yesterday which was lovely) bought me for a hospital trip a few years ago and is actually a thriller based on a psychotic murderer… lovely.

The second point is that Savidge Reads might go rather sporadic over the next couple of weeks, though I have scheduled quite a few posts already, while all this goes on but do bear with me and pop back now and again. I will also pop the odd mini report on how I am doing as everything goes on. Now those hospital book recommendations…


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27 responses to “Hospital Breaks & Books…

  1. Sending lots of healthy thoughts down your way. The only hospital book I know is Josphine Tey’s Daughter of Time but I’m sure you’ve already read it. Will keep thinking:)

  2. Good luck Simon! I hope it all goes smoothly.
    I can’t think of any books set in hospitals, I’m afraid, except for Robin Cook’s ‘Coma’ and I don’t think that would put you at ease at all 🙂 Now if you asked about movies/tv series… the wacky ‘Green Wing’ comes to mind – set in a hospital where patients have nothing at all to do with the storyline!

  3. I totally second Daughter of Time — suspect you haven’t read it — and best wishes for the coming weeks.

  4. Penelope Lively’s Moon Tiger is partly set in a hospital/(old people’s home) – not quite what you’re going with but it does have a few passages of “hospital experience”. I really enjoyed it too…

    Good luck with all the procedures etc!

  5. Sending you loads of postiive vibes! I can’t think of any books set in hospitals, but I’m sure you’ll get plenty of recommendations. Just wanted to wish you luch with all the hospital visits and especially your upcoming surgery – Good Luck!!

  6. Good luck and I hope everything goes well! I know Hospitals aren’t the most enjoyable place to be but your positivity will make the experience much less stressful, I’m sure. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to think of any novels set in a hospital. However, there are many medical thrillers that have potential. Michael Palmer is quite popular.

  7. Carol

    I immediately thought of the clasic GREEN FOR DANGER by Christianna Brand. A classic written in 1944,it takes place in a military hospital during the Blitz, so the setting is rather different – but so much the better!

    Good luck to you. I hope all goes well and you are soon up and out.

  8. gaskella

    I too can only think of gory ones – Bodies by jed Mercurio is the first that springs to mind. There is an author called Janet Turner Hospital – (yes really), but I don’t know what her books are about.

    Fingers are crossed. Good luck.

  9. I’m afraid I can’t think of any novels I’ve read that are set in a hospital, beyond ones that feature one for a couple of chapters.

    Best wishes for your op and visits.

  10. novelinsights

    It was lovely wasn’t it! Not sure I’ve learned from giving you the Surgeon the first time round by then giving you my Ludmilla Petrushevskaya! Will be thinking of you x

  11. kimbofo

    Good luck with it all, Simon. You seem to have adopted a positive attitude, so that can only work in your favour 🙂

    As for books set in hospitals, I second Gaskella’s recommendation for Bodies, but it’s about doctors being rubbish at their job, so it may not be the right thing to read right now!

    I see Gaskella has also mentioned Janet Turner Hospital — she’s an Aussie and her books aren’t about hospitals!! — so she’s probably not worth reading at this point in time either. (She wrote a terrific one about terrorism if you want something thriller-like and creepy.)

    As a young teenager I remember loving the “Cherry Ames” series about a student nurse. They might be naff, but I just know as a 13-year-old I thought they were the bees knees! Check out the Amazon page:

  12. Rob

    I had no idea that things weren’t going so well health-wise. I’m sorry to hear that. I can only hope and pray that from this point forward, everything improves.

  13. Ti

    Good luck. Hope it all goes smoothly.

    Not a hospital setting but more of psychiatric setting but One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest comes to mind.

  14. The only book I can think of is Direct Red. I haven’t read it yet, but went to a Q&A with the author and she was very good. I hope to read it one day, but perhaps you can let me know what it is like. Good luck with everything. 🙂

  15. Sue

    ‘Shroud for a Nightingale’ P D James? Will be thinking about you the next month. Hugs xxx

  16. Jo

    Good Luck. I have no hospital book ideas and when I went in for a procedure I avoided anything medical including watching anything medical.

    I would go for sheer escapism if I was you.

  17. Good thoughts as you begin this part of your journey. You seem to have such a positive attitude, which should fare you well. Prayers coming your way from the States.

    Like most everyone else, I can’t think of any good hospital books, but, for a fun, fast read, you might try John Grisham’s The Client. Two boys witness a suicide and the younger one goes into shock and is hospitalized, under guard (that’s the hospital part). The older one, the client, and his attorney, the mob, a hidden buried body. A page turner for fun.

  18. No booky thoughts but lots of good wishes for health and strength.

  19. Oh, Simon, I do hope and pray that it goes well. As for hospital books, I can think of none… probably because I would avoid them even if I knew of them!

  20. Simon, will be thinking of you! Such a pity about your birthday but maybe quite symbolic too? Make the most of your positivity and all that reading time.

    As for hospital settings – Blindness by Jose Saramago; Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively; part of Atonement; Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (psychiatric); Girl, Interrupted (psychiatric); one of the short stories in Byatt’s Little Black Book of Fairy Tales.

  21. bookgazing

    Oh good luck Simon. I’m sorry your diagnosis has been less than pleasant, but hopefully you’ll be on the mend as soon as possible. Um, hospital novels, all I can think of are ones where awful mental hospitals feature (The Great Stink)so I’ll avoid recommending much. What about Pat Barker’s Eye in the Door series?

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  23. ana

    Thinking of you and wishing you blessings and fortitude. You deserve a little escapism, I agree. Immerse yourself in your absolute favourite genres.

  24. Bet

    I’m praying for your complete restoration to health, Simon. Hope all goes very smoothly for you.

    Hospital books? PD James The Private Patient takes place in a plastic surgery hospital. Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth is about her nursing in field hospitals during WWI (you will be so thankful for modern hygiene!). That’s all I can come up with at the moment.

  25. THANK YOU all again so much for your thoughts, I cant reply to you all with the same thoughts and thanks as my arms would drop off from the typing but I hope you all know this means a lot to me.

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