Persephone Weekend, My Life in Books & World Book Night

I thought I would do a little bookish round up post (I say little but I never quite manage to keep posts that brief, I will try) today of some of the latest bookish things that have been preoccupying my mind when health and hospitals haven’t. I could ramble on but I shall not and instead just get on with the three bookish things that I wanted to point you in the direction of instead…

First up is ‘Persephone Reading Weekend’ which starts today and runs until the 27th. In what is becoming an annual book bloggers delight in celebration of those lovely grey covered wonders the lovely Claire of Paperback Reader and Verity of Cardigan Girl Verity blogs are running a weekend of reviews and competitions all in celebration of Persephone Classics. If you haven’t read one yet then this could be the ideal time to get into some or won some so do have a gander. I have dug out a Persephone (I have noticed I only really have ones with the colourful covers, I wonder why that is) which I have almost finished and am hoping to put my thoughts up on that and join in all the fun on Sunday.

Here in the UK the wonderful (and I do genuinely love them at the moment with all this and ‘South Riding’) BBC are starting what is going to be a special year of TV shows about books. You may remember that I mentioned ‘Faulks on Fiction’ the other week, its proving interesting with a wonderful list of books I now need to read yet at the same time its also rather pretentious which is a shame as I like Faulks. I digressed. The new show this week has been ‘My Life in Books’ which sees Anne Robinson interviewing a whole host of well known faces (I don’t want to say celebrities) talking about their five favourite books which have meant a lot to them at different times in their lives. I am LOVING IT. So far my favourite guests have been P.D James (for her love of Sherlock), Clare Balding (for choosing some sentimental rogue novels along side Greek myths) and most of all Sue Perkins who just made me want to read every single one of her recommendations and in particular ‘The Queen of Whale Cay’ by Kate Summerscale (of ‘The Suspicions of Mr Whicher’ fame) if you can watch it on iPlayer then do, if not I believe its on YouTube too.

Finally it’s just over a week until ‘World Book Night’. I have been selected to give 50 copies of my choice away, I will reveal which one it is over the next week or so, and I am a little stuck on how to do it. I had hoped to get a local bookstore involved but they don’t seem too keen, I wont be in hospital (well I hope not) though if I was that would be sooooo much easier, so I am a little stuck on what to do. Any ideas? What’s going on with you at the moment be it bookish or otherwise?


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6 responses to “Persephone Weekend, My Life in Books & World Book Night

  1. Bryoak

    Please enlighten me – what are persphone books??

    • Oh they are the most wonderful wonderful books which are forgotten classics by female authors (well in the main) republished now for our delight. Google them, you won’t regret it.

  2. wThanks for joining us for Persephone Reading Weekend, Simon! I hope that the one who dug out is one that cheers you.

    Persephone Classics are the ten colourful editions with the greys with endpapers the original format (the ten more popular ones are published as both).

  3. bookgazing

    Faulks on Fiction – blargggh is all I can say. I stopped watching after the second episode, which is not all down to Faulks theories (that Martin Amis nastiness was just unforgiveable). My life in books is much more hurrayish and I really liked last nights with Sister Wendy and LLB, a really good pair to choose I thought as their tastes were wildly different but their interests were very similar. I’m not sure everyon has quite got the hang of guilty reads though, some of them seem suspiciously not guilty;)

    • Oh I am in the same boat as you, I gave up on Faulks on Fiction after two episodes. I liked it at first and then, well, then I just didnt.

      I loved My Life in Books, I so hope that it comes back at some point. I get what you mean about the guilty pleasures. Is it just me or has anyone else had their 5 books lined up?

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