Could You Spare Me A Few Minutes (For A Savidge Reads Survey)?

I have a bit of a favour to ask all you lovely Savidge Readers today, but it does make me a bit of a hypocrite. You see when I am walking down the high street or in a city centre, in general I am merely walking from bookshop to bookshop, I get really grumpy when I get stopped by someone involved in market research, oddly I don’t mind when its an online one about books etc. I don’t know why this happens so often, I seem to attract them – like on public transport when people I don’t know randomly sit next to me and start having a chat. Anyway it happened recently and it gave me an idea. So… I am asking you to do this for me and spare a few minutes to take part in a little survey about Savidge Reads and book reviews in general.


There is no big reason hidden away for asking you a mere ten questions, its simply a flight of fancy, I just wonder what you all think sometimes as I blithely and occasionally blindly ramble on with Savidge Reads in my own little bookish bubble. You don’t have to answer by any means but I would indeed really, really love it if you did.

I shall not waffle or beg any more. I will just simply say if you could spare ten minutes, if that actually, to answer ten questions then I would be most grateful (do let me know who you are in the last question so I can say thanks, or leave a comment below saying you’ve done it) and if you don’t fancy it thats grand too.

You can do it right here. Thanks in advance. I will let you all know the feedback, if it would interest you that is?


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19 responses to “Could You Spare Me A Few Minutes (For A Savidge Reads Survey)?

  1. Hi Simon! Great questionnaire and thought-provoking 🙂 I’ve just completed it and left my details.

  2. *Dittos Christina*

    In answer to your question, I think it’s interesting to hear about the feedback 🙂

  3. If only the census was as easy to fill in 😉

  4. Louise

    Yep, interesting to hear the feedback..:-) ooh i’ve noticed your currently reading picture has changed…can’t wait to see what you thought of ‘Wait for me!’ I love anything Mitford!

  5. Jo

    I have replied.

    But then I forgot at the end to say who I was and where I was from! Whoops! Sorry about that.

  6. I’ve completed the survey. Your comments about people sitting next to you on public transport reminded me of Jasper Carrott’s classic “nutter on the bus” stand up piece:

  7. good questions simon ,all the best stu

  8. Eva

    I’m off to do it! 🙂

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