Do I Want To Read… Some Debut Novelists

I have been meaning to write about this particular thing since World Book Night a few weeks ago. There was a brilliant show on BBC2 on the night in question which looked at promising debut British authors and coming up with a shortlist of twelve that stood out. You may remember me writing about my thoughts on debut novels, and you helpfully gave yours, a while back and this seemed to fit in just so. A panel of judges including novelist Helen Oyeyemi (who I have been meaning to read for ages) and headed by John Mullan, who wrote about it in The Guardian, came up with a final list of twelve 12 and its these novels that I wanted to ask you about…

Now having said I wanted to ask you about all of them, I actually only want to ask about the ones in bold. The ones that aren’t I have already read. I know this list will have people saying ‘that one shouldnt be on there, this one should’ however it’s actually the fact that I have really loved three of the four I have actually read that made me want to ask you if I should give the other ones ago? I have linked back to two of them; sadly I didn’t love ‘Union Atlantic’ when I read it last year (sorry!!) so never reviewed it, the simply amazingly brilliant ‘Mr Chartwell’ is the book up for discussion tomorrow.

I am reading a corker of a debut novel by Naomi Wood at the moment which you can see a picture of  somewhere up there ——> so I am keen to read plenty more of them. I have a few of the list above already (in italics) one of which I struggled with but will head back to. I really like the fact the debut novelists are all of very diverse ages. I just wanted your thoughts on the ones I have not read whether I own them or not, should I indulge in them all?  That’s all… for now.


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13 responses to “Do I Want To Read… Some Debut Novelists

  1. Annabel (gaskella)

    I have six of your list in my TBR pile, and I’m looking forward to reading all of them, esp Mr Chartwell. I’ve read Adam Haslett (good but not brill) and Deborah Kay Davies (excellent but not nice!).

    Generally I really enjoy debut novels. The best have a freshness about them that subsequent titles often lack due to having to try too hard to live up to the success of the debut.

    • Mr Chartwell is utterly, utterly brilliant Annabel, I cant recommend it enough. I didnt love the Haslett, I read it for The Green Carnation 2010 and it left me a bit ‘meh’.

      The Deborah Kay Davies just arrived the other day here and its one I am looking forward to post Orange.

  2. How interesting – I’ve read a mix of those titles, but have to say that True things about me left me cold. Why would anyone really choose to read a book that is mainly about self-harm and gratuitous sex? Not me I’m afraid.

    • I’ve just got True Things About Me and I have to say I am certainly intrigued by it. Though I had no idea it was based on that subject matter. Mind you one of the Orange longlisters is about incest which could prove uncomfortable.

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  4. I ve just one of these the upright piano player ,abbot sound interesting and the premise of the book sounds good ,all the best stu

  5. Ned Beauman and Jenn Ashworth’s novels are the only ones I’ve read, and they’re both brilliant. Jenn is also the most fun!

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  7. The Breaking of Eggs is very good indeed.

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