This Could Be A Dangerous New Book Haunt…

As I was walking along the high street at the weekend I spotted a sign that made me stop in my tracks, a new charity shop was opening and it simply said ‘Bookshop Opening March 21st’. Due to a pesky hospital visit I couldn’t go yesterday, you can imagine my annoyance I’m sure, and so this morning (armed with lots to donate) off I went and discovered endless shelves of joy…


Well I simply had to take a look through while my gift aid account was sorted didn’t I? I actually proved rather restrained, nothing to do with the fact that I only had £5 in my wallet, and only came away with four books…


The Nicola Beauman book was a pure destiny find (when this happens I always think that I am exactly where o should be in life, is that just a me thing) as I am on a panel with her in June discussing women’s fiction and this is all about the woman’s novel from 1914-1939 so will be just the job. I carried on a Virago binge with Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘Angel’ and a rogue novella purchase of ‘Ellen Forster’ by Kaye Gibbons. Finally swooped of the shelves was Julia Darlings ‘The Taxi Drivers Daughter’ which I had been annoyed at myself for not buying in another charity shop a few weeks ago!

So a lovely loot, and my birthday (only 2 days to go) treat to me. I’ll just have to try not to go there too often, it’s on the way to the library which could prove hard work to resist!

Have you read any of these? What charity gems have you found of late?


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22 responses to “This Could Be A Dangerous New Book Haunt…

  1. Jamie Same

    it’s a savidgereads crack den! some1 pull him back before we lose him forEver..

  2. Which charity were you supporting?!

    I have that Nicola Beaumann in the Persephone edition, but would love to own the VMC one too. It’s a fascinating read and gives such an insight into women’s literature of the first half of the twentieth century.

    Hope you’re doing ok with all of the hospital stuff Simon.

    • This is a Childrens Society shop the have two on the street and one is just dedicated to books.

      I am looking forward to the Beauman and getting clued up on her thoughts and seeing what we might have in common when we are on the panel together.

      Big hospital day tomorrow, rather nervous but the support I am getting (on here and in the flesh) is incredible.

  3. Bet

    I have read Angel and loved it, though it is my least favorite Elizabeth Taylor book (which tells you how much I admire ET!). I envy you the Nicola Beauman!

    There isn’t much in the way of secoond hand bookshops in upstate NY. There’s one very nice one in my town, but it’s almost as expensive as buying new. The charity shops only have “bodice rippers”. I suppose the best place to buy used is the library book store, but I rarely take the time to look in there. Thanks for reminding me!

    • Now thats very interesting Bet as I have been told by many that Angel is their favourite Elizabeth Taylor. I will have to see all in good time.

      Bodice rippers, oh the very idea 😉

  4. kimbofo

    Don’t you just love it when you find a treasure in amongst all the hundreds of books lining the shelves! It’s an awesome feeling, right?

    Oh, and JamieSame’s comment made me laugh out loud!!

    • Jamies comment had exactly the same effect on me too Kim lol.

      Its not that I found one, it is the fact I could have walked away with a bag full. I am getting annoyed I didnt gra a JJ actually, foolish me.

  5. Jo

    That is a charity book shop and a half!

    We have a couple of shelves in each shop though some a bit further a field go mad and have a whole wall!

  6. Dot

    That is a very lovely looking book shop! I think you were very restrained!

  7. er that looks great Simon have let me know location then when in Manchester can visit ,all the best stu

  8. lizzysiddal


  9. Oh oh! Where is it!? I live in Manchester and by the sounds of it you do too. I love reading your blog and myself and the boyfriend are always on the look out for new haunts and were very very appreciative of the tip on the little gem in Bramhall

    • I don’t live in the very centre, more one of the burbs on the outskirts of Manchester. Its in one of them, not far from Bramhall actually, did you go to Simply Books? Isnt it great?

      • Relish

        It’s fabulous and the people who own it are brilliant .. Coffee/books is my perfect idea for a business of my own ! If only … Which area of mancland is this one in ? There are a couple of gems in didsbury village .. Don’t know if you’ve had a gander …

  10. Is this anywhere at all near Didsbury? I love Didsbury.

    The Beauman book was quite the serendipitous find. I have the Persephone edition, which has the lovely Virago cover as its endpaper. It’s a great insight into the books NB loves and you see from it where the idea for Persephone Books was bottled. Be warned though: it will add to your wish-list exponentially.

    All the best for today and happy birthday.

  11. This place looks amazing Simon, were exactly is it? Second hand book shops are the way forward, so much more exciting than normal book shops…you never know what you might find : )

  12. Lolli

    Ellen Foster – OMG! I cried while I read that book and I absolutely love it. I read it over 10 years ago and still rocks me. I’ve read other Kaye Gibbons books, but Ellen Foster is by far my favorite.

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