I’m Off To The Hospital Again…

Yes, lucky old me, by the time you read this I shall be installed at the hospital for the fourth of five operations (though this could become six as I learnt via post rather than face to face yesterday, thanks NHS) today. It feels like it has been no time between visits… oh that’s because it hasn’t! If you are all as bored by my health antics as I am fear not there is a book post scheduled for later on, if you aren’t do read on…

Despite my small gripe above about the communication issues I am discovering with the NHS when you are out of hospital, I have to say the staff have been wonderful and I have even had a few chats about books here and there, oh and e-readers, eurgh! I have been told I am an excellent and rather undemanding (don’t please look shocked, rude) patient, except it appears when I come around from anaesthetic when apparently I am a swearing ranting horror. I thought they were pulling my leg but I keep getting the same comments each operation so it must be true, eek! Good luck to all the nurses today, please bear a thought for them.

It’s actually rather exciting today as I am at a different hospital from the norm (which I am hoping isn’t like the one pictured below, which would be a brilliant setting for a book) and a change of scene will be interesting. What books am I taking? Well as I have typed this up in advance I am not sure as I have decided I am going to read by whim. I am also taking my iPod and have a backlog of ABC’s ‘First Tuesday Book Club’ vodcasts and ‘The Bookshow’ podcasts, along with about two weeks of the BBC’s radio soap opera ‘The Archers’ and the wonderful Mariella Frostrup’s ‘Open Book’ so bar the small issue of pain its rather like a holiday trip… sort of.

Not the hospital I am going to... I hope!

Sorry I still haven’t replied to all your comments and emails, as you can imagine it’s a little manic in general at the moment, but do ‘bear with’ and I will get back on it once I am up and about. I think after today am going to need quite a lot of recuperation time. I’ll keep you all posted. I hope you are all well? Let me know what news is with you all as I do feel rather out of the loop, and often loop the loop all at once.


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15 responses to “I’m Off To The Hospital Again…

  1. I don’t suppose anyone is ever bored by your posts and I am certainly glad to be kept up to date with your health issues though very sorry to hear about all these operations. Here’s wishing you the very best for today’s and for any that are still to come.

  2. Good luck! I hope these come to an end soon and you get to have lots of lovely reading time 🙂 I shall be thinking of you.

  3. Thinking of you today:) And I hope you aren’t going to that ancient building either (although I agree it would be a great setting for a gothic novel.)

  4. Dear Simon – I am so sorry you are having all these health problems and all these horrid operations. I hesitate to ask what is wrong as that sounds so nosy but whatever it is, my thoughts are with you.


  5. Eva

    I hope your operation & recovery so splendidly, Simon, and that you don’t need a sixth procedure. I’m glad you keep us updated!

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  7. I do hope all goes well. News? Today I spend an extremely pleasant hour in Oxford with Harriet Devine.

  8. Jo

    Glad to keep up to date with how you are getting on. Your tale of your reaction to the anaesthetic made me chuckle. Me, apparently I kept asking the time I have no idea why, it wasn’t if I was keeping dinner plans that day!

    Hope you have lots of recuperative reading, and look forward to your book thoughts. You have lately triggered lots of my interest and I am now off to seek out The Worst Witch, delightful!

  9. hope all goes well simon ,all the best stu

  10. I’m always keen to know how it’s going, Simon – praying for you and thinking of you.

  11. riverbIrd

    Sending healing vibes and hoping any discomfort disappears quickly.

  12. Best wishes, Simon. Hope the hospital is intriguing but maybe not ancient!

  13. Hope everything goes smoothly, Simon.

  14. I hope that you are home by the time that you read this.

    I am taking two graduate level classes in library science. I have read ONE (yes, only 1) novel since January and it’s one that read annually, so I know the plot already. I have been just reading for classes and doing homework. And, yes, I work doing the day, so I do all of this in my “free” time.

    Sending you healthy thoughts.

  15. Thank you all SO SO SO SO much for all your thoughts and the like its meant a huge amount to me and sorry I have been so slack at replying to all your comments. I am trying to catch up with them all!

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