My Orange Shortlist 2011…

Today will see the announcement of The Orange Prize Short List 2011 and I think it’s the most excited I have been about a prizes short list, other than The Green Carnation Prize of course, in quite some time. I was going to call this post ‘guessing the Orange short list 2011’ but I simply can’t second guess what the panel of judges will have chosen as the final six books, even if I have read the entire Orange long list for 2011 (and I did manage it, thanks to my latest stint in the hospital). I can only go on what I would put forward for my six personal choices after having read the lot. So before I make my guesses here are the 20 books long listed once more, all with my score out of ten and links to the ones have posted already, others are from posts pending which will be up over the next week or so (I’m spacing them out in case you are oranged out, as I almost was at one point)…

So like I said rather than guessing what the judges might or might not have in their short list, no one can do that as five individuals will all love very different books (a few of my favourite submissions for The Green Carnation Prize last year didn’t make the longlist as I was out voted, that’s the way it goes sometimes), I looked at my marks out of ten. Did I still rate those books as highly as I did at the time, how did they compare, had some favourites faded and some books stayed with me when I thought they wouldn’t? I then thought about which of the 20 books I would want to have to read again two or more times and which ones I really loved first time but I am not sure I could read again (something I will be discussing on the blog soon). I also ignored hype, and would hope the judges are too. These are the six that I would have chosen if I was a judge, in order of preference…



It was a really, really tough decision to make because this years twenty books, ok apart from two of them for me personally, were all really strong and reading them has been brilliant on the whole. You might be shocked as two of my favourite books from the list haven’t made my final six. ‘Room’ because though I loved it last year I feel like I have seen and heard too much about it since. ‘Great House’, which is a book that really surprised me with how much I loved it when I least expected it to, could I read it again though? Probably not, though I would be happy if both of these were on the shortlist too and have a feeling they both with be on the real one.I almost popped ‘Repeat It Today With Tears’ on there too as that has really grown on me, and I liked it a lot to start with, but I couldn’t choose seven titles so had to be tough!

The six I have chosen have stayed with me, I’ve connected with them all in some way and most of all really, really enjoyed them. Will I get it right? I am sure that I won’t, I was rubbish at guessing the long list and am sure it will be the same in this instance. It’s the taking part that’s the fun bit though isn’t it? Which books do you think will make the final six? Which ones have you read, or which ones are you really tempted to read? Will you be reading the short listed titles?

P.S This will be my last post on all things Orange for a while, apart from the actual long list of course which I will post later, I am aware Savidge Reads has been quite orangey in the last week or so, so my missing long list reviews will be sporadic over the next few weeks/months leading up to the winner being announced.


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11 responses to “My Orange Shortlist 2011…

  1. Our taste in the Oranges is slighlty different. My personal shortlist would be Room, The Birth of Love, Annabel, Baba Segi’s Wives and Jamrach’s Menagerie, but I very much doubt that will happen. I look forward to seeing which books are selected in a few minutes time.

  2. Gareth

    I have been following both your blogs, along with Eve’s Alexandria and Buried In Print. I have to say that I agree with Simon. His taste is a little quirky, like mine.
    I wish you’d put your personal shortlist on your blog too, Jackie. It’s nice for people to know which books you’re really rooting for.

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  4. Louise

    I love your shortlist,i would’ve had The Memory of Love, Jamrach’s Menagerie, Baba Segis too! I loved them.. i agree with your Room thoughts… i did like Room,but others had more of a lasting effect on me.

    • Thanks Louise, I was sad not to see Jamrach and Baba Segi on there but you cant have everything can you? It’s been a win win situation for me though as I have read them all so have had much, much joy in the last few reading months.

  5. Oh, interesting! I haven’t yet made my shortlist (I know, I know, three days until the winner is announced, but I still have two books left to read!), but I think there will be some overlap between Your Imagined Orange Shortlist and My Imagined Orange Shortlist. ::checks watch:: Might have to pull some all-nighters to make mine up though!

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