The Orange Prize Shortlist 2011

So it has been announced and the six short listed titles by the Orange Prize 2011 judges are as follows…

My thoughts? Well I really like the list. Though its not the six I would have chosen, I had three of them in ‘My Orange Shortlist 2011’having read all the books on the long list this year from cover to cover. You will see I predicted ‘Room’ and ‘Great House’ might just make the final six. I am over the moon that ‘Annabel’ is in the mix because I loved that book so, so, so much. I am also really thrilled to see ‘Grace Williams Says It Loud’ by Emma Henderson on the list too, my thoughts on that one very soon, as it was a book that really took hold of me and has grown on me and stayed with me since. They are the two I would most like to see win at the moment, though I have loved all four of the others (for me ‘Swamplandia!’ just had the edge on a modern fairytale over ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ – reviews of both of these coming soon, though I think a little Orange rest is called for now) in their own ways.

Enough of my thoughts on The Orange Prize 2011 so far, what do you all think about it? What do you make of the short list?


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5 responses to “The Orange Prize Shortlist 2011

  1. lubylou12

    I’m looking forward to reading your review of ‘Grace Williams says it loud’ Simon, I’ve read a lot of good things about it and it’s on my TBR list. Glad to see Room on there as well. I’m also quite intrigued by Annabel after reading yourreview so that might have to go on the ever growing TBR list! Hope your recovering well : )

    • I have scheduled that to go in the next few weeks, I wanted to break up everything after it all got a little too Orange in a sudden period. I know you have read it so will be looking forward to your thoughts too. Its my second favourite of the shortlisters.

  2. Louise

    I do like the final six.. i think it was obvious Room was going to make it,i would’ve liked Baba Segis on there though, over he Tiger’s Wife.

  3. It feels odd to finally be reading posts about the shortlist when I’m now only 2 books away from finishing my reading of the longlist, but I agree that the choices were solid. I think my own shortlist would have looked a little different, but I’m not too terribly disappointed. So far, this is definitely my favourite Orange reading year!

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