Royally Disinterested…

I am sure I am going to get accused of being unpatriotic by saying this, and I do wish the couple in question all the best, but I am so not fussed about a certain event that is taking place in England today. In fact this picture below sums it all up for me so eloquently…

(A big thanks to Rachel of Booksnob for the picture and a post that puts it far better than I could.)

I don’t really care what she wears, nor about how much weight she has lost, I am sort of grateful for the day off (especially as its meant no operations this week – though its also delaying my test results) especially for everyone else but really! I honestly cannot wait for this whole palaver, which has just got ridiculous and which my taxes are going towards and has merely been scheduled to ‘cheer us Brits up’ (see previous royal weddings – drat I said it – and their timings), to be over.

Less bah humbug… more just really, really, really bored of it all. I have much more exciting things happening as my Mum, stepdad and younger siblings are coming to visit, now that’s a truly important event in my mind and my weekend.

It does feel better to let that out though. Am I awful? What book are you royally reading right now/this weekend or are you about to open the pages of something new?


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14 responses to “Royally Disinterested…

  1. I certianly do not assume patriotism has anything at all to do with an interest, or lack or, in any wedding taking place in the UK today. I’m working from home. What am I reading at the moment? Well by my bedside is “R in a Nutshell” and very good it is too!

    I put up a quasi-wedding related post on Morgana’s Cat this morning.

  2. You sound like my husband, yet he did sit and watch with me for an hour this morning…LOL

  3. The fuss generated by the media about this wedding is staggering. I am trying my best to avoid it but it is everywhere. I am not even going to go into the cost involved and how much more wisely it could have been spent. Why anyone cares about the wedding of two, very wealthy, people they don’t know and will never meet, is beyond me!

  4. Me too, I spent the morning reading Fatherland instead. The 3 day week was nice though 😉

  5. Ha! Glad you liked my post!

    I find it all a huge yawn fest not to mention that as soon as I open my mouth someone pounces on me to talk about it – being a Brit in America right now is not fun!

    I wish them well and hope they have a very happy marriage and a lovely life together, but I don’t know them, never will, and the details of their wedding day do not interest me in the slightest. The media has gone totally overboard – I can’t wait to be able to read a paper without being confronted with their faces or wedding gossip!

  6. I’m reading William Boyd’s ‘Ordinary Thunderstorms’ and ‘The Oriental Wife’ by Evelyn Toynton. Both are for review. The WB is superb mystery/thriller/spy! The ET, however, wasn’t my choice as I’m reviewing it for ‘Booklist’ and review what they send. On my Kindle app (iPod), ‘The Lonely Polygamist’ by Brady Udall. Very, very funny stuff.

  7. Well, I went all the way to the UAE to escape the hype, Simon! While the couple were getting hitched, I enjoyed an extravagant brunch, complete with free mojohitos and martinis, at a posh hotel by the waterfront. 😉

  8. gaskella

    I’m not overly patriotic, but I succumbed to the whole thing, and loved every minute of it – and we had celebratory bun throwing in Abingdon.

  9. Bex

    I so agree about the wedding! It’s like nothing else happened today… :-/ I finished The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson today and sort of wish I hadn’t… It was very good but kind of depressing!

  10. novelinsights

    Ha, to be honest I wasn’t too fussed but then it was fantastic to go down with my Nan and experience the atmosphere.

    I actually don’t think patriotisim is a particularly good thing (controversial?!) as why should we love our country more than anywhere else. Why should we think we or our goods are better just for being British. That’s a whole load of sanctimonious rubbish if you ask me. All the pomp and ceremony is daft too but I can enjoy it for being fun and romantic. Plus it’s Britain’s main USPs really (apart from the unpredictable weather!)

  11. novelinsights

    Forgot to say though that no one should feel they should ‘have’ to be interested either – as there are more important things in life and I can see how health matters might put silliness into perspective!

  12. Chelsea

    Is it perhaps more awful to say that, as an American, I was fascinated by the royal wedding? Especially considering that, according to a majority of British book bloggers I read, there was little concern amongst British citizens as a whole? Great update, Simon!

  13. I have to hold my hands up and admit… though rather belatedly, that I ended up watching some of it and it wasnt actually as bad as I thought it was going to be. I just think the amount of attention it got was really rather ridiculous.

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