Savidge Reads… The Alternative Vote

So while you may have not noticed I have been in hospital and had another operation this week, because I didn’t tell you as realised I was doing so many of those posts it was boring, you may have noticed that each day there has been a different theme on the blog – and a big thank you to anyone who popped by and gave their opinions on the different ones. I know appearance isn’t everything but I have been looking for a change, maybe I am finally getting illness funk – who knows, but I do feel like Savidge Reads needs a little bit of a facelift. So today is your chance to have a vote (and alternative vote, which if you are in the UK you will be sick to death of by now I am sure – oops sorry) on which you would like to see, including the good old original which I have gone back to for ease.

So I screen shot all of them before I did them and these are the themes and their names with my personal pro’s and con’s. So first we have Monochrome…

Pro’s: I have been using this one for ages, it has all the pages nicely available, its mono which I like colour wise, it looks a bit funky as well as a bit smart.
Con’s: I have had it ages and am a bit bored of it, the black outline seems to make it look hemmed in, it lacks a bit of character.

Next up we have Oulipo…

Pro’s: I like the simplicity, I really like the white, it seems spacey, it shows all the pages and widgets.
Con’s: Feels a teeny weeny bit soulless, the writing is quite pale and quite small so I don’t know if everyone would be able to read it.


Pro’s: Not fussy, quite minimal, rather white and spacious, like the width of the posts, simple.
Con’s: No real header, could be a bit bland/lacking in personality after a while, no easy access to the pages which people might want to have a nosey around randomly.

Mystique (blink and you could have missed this one as it only lasted about two hours as I saw it and began to go off it a bit speedily)…

Pro’s: Initially seems really funky, bit of colour which I like, pages easy to find and navigate.
Con’s: Starts to look a bit basic/childish after a while, don’t like the grey bubbles, widgets aren’t great or functional on this one.

Elegant Grunge…

Pro’s: It’s a bit different and quirky, has a layout am used to, pages are there (if hidden a little).
Con’s: Print a bit small, titles are ridiculously huge and don’t space nicely, you can’t see everything clearly, don’t like title layout.


Pro’s: Post width, pages and widgets are all good, nicely spaced out.
Con’s: The date looks cheap as is the little person, there is a lot of grey, looks a bit robotic.

Grid Focus…

Pro’s: Love the fact there are three columns so lots of fun things can do in the sidelines, clean and crisp, lots of white, feels spacious initially, looks quite smart.
Con’s: Could be too much going on at once and possibly too much information, the post column is too thin, cant see pages and instead have subscribe, browse and homepage etc, not sure how easy it is to comment.

So you can see I am a bit stuck, oh well! Moving on, as with the ‘Alternative Vote’ I am putting the option out there for all of you to choose your three possibles in order of preference. This might mean everyone’s third favourite gets through (though the final decision will be mine, ha) but that is still a consensus of sorts. So leave your favourite three in the comments box and who knows one of you might just get a bumper parcel of bookish joy in the post (which will be announced when I announce all the outstanding Savidge Reads giveaway draws next week) for having a go. I will give you mine as an example.
1. Journalist
2. Grid Focus
3. Oulipo

Though I do still like the original… oooh why do I feel the need for change so much? Why oh why can there not be a free template that I just love 100%? Can anyone design them? Anyway, get voting, very interested to hear your thoughts (you might want to click on the individual pictures to see the theme in a bigger format) and any recommendations etc.


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21 responses to “Savidge Reads… The Alternative Vote

  1. Jo

    1. Monochrome
    2. Grid Focus
    3. –

    As with AV I am going to be awkward and only vote for 2. That is the privilege with AV apparently anyway!

    For me there is too much white on the other ‘themes’ and I find them not very friendly. I do like Monochrome, although it is not my choice. I had to go and look at what mine is and it was Misty Look. I just previewed my blog with monochrome and the background wallpaper that I have on my blog still shows up. Perhaps that might be an idea; stick with the Monochrome but perhaps have a new background?

    I do not think I have been of any help at all here.

    Will be interested to see how the AV works and whether you end up with a coalition of themes!

  2. gaskella

    1. Inove
    2. Original
    3. Elegant Grunge

    Hope it works – looking forward to the results.
    Hope op went well too. Big hugs

  3. Grunge

  4. Like Irn Bru, the original is best!

  5. teadevotee

    I agree with what you say about the basic mystique, HOWEVER, once I started to play around with it, I found it incredibly customisable (is that a word?) – you can upload your own background, or change the colour to something else, do your own header, etc etc. So if you have time, you could give it another try and make it more Savidge-esque. Otherwise, journalist looks good.

  6. the current one today ,simon is best ,A lot tweaking with themes I find thats why stuck with mine for so long ,all the best stu

  7. 1. Grid Focus
    2. Inove
    3. Monochrome

  8. lizzysiddal

    1. Monochrome
    2. Monochrome

    I’m afraid I find the rest bland ….

  9. Susan E

    Grid Focus

    Personally, I did find Oulipo hard to read, but maybe that’s my aging pc

  10. 1. Mystique
    2. Monochrome
    3. Inove

  11. Nancy


  12. Louise

    1.elegant grunge
    2. inove
    3. grid focus

    but i do still love your original theme 🙂 I think you can change headers, backgrounds etc with wordpress,some themes have more options to do this than others..

  13. cath

    I am with Dark Puss and WinstonsDad and do like the original very very much. Some of them I found rather hard to read.

  14. 1 inove
    2 elegant grunge
    3 grid focus

    I think you should change it, I agree, the black blocks of your original, either side, do make it look a bit contained, hemmed in…

  15. caroline scott

    1. Inove

    Please not Oulipo

  16. Elizabeth MacKenzie

    I lurk quite often so feel I can leave an opinion. I am not big on change so my vote is

    1. Monochrome

    2. Grid Focus

    Sorry I could not take to a third. Enjoy your blog. Hope you are feeling the success of all the health care you are enduring. Best Wishes.

  17. 1. Monochrome
    2. Grid Focus

    but I think you may solve your desire for change by fiddling with the template you have. Try searching the Internet for simple ways you can change each individual element. Even if you don’t make any changes you will have fun playing with it all and learn a bit about programming.Good luck!

  18. Fabio Schirone

    Monochrome for me

  19. michelle

    1. Grid Focus
    2. Oulipo
    3. Original

    The original actually does look the smartest, but a change may do good as does a breath of fresh air…. 🙂

  20. Jen

    1. journalist
    2. monochrome
    3. inove

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