Savidge Reads In The British Library

No, I have not gone back to London for a trip and no this isn’t a walk around of The British Library, this is something that is even more exciting. If there could be anything anymore exciting that is. You see I am actually going into The British Library… well Savidge Reads is, as a ‘future document of cultural history’. In my over excitement I might be rambling. Let me explain…

You see the other week I received a comment on Savidge Reads, swiftly followed by an email, from the web archivers at The British Library. They wondered if I would be interested in becoming on of their chosen websites that will be regularly archived for “to represent aspects of UK documentary heritage and as a result, they will remain available to researchers in the future“. Would I be interested, erm of course I would, in fact I was leaping up and down (which with a big biopsy wound in my stomach was rather painful), then of course I thought that they had made a mistake or it was someone pulling my leg. It turns out its true, and its happening.

I am joining a very interesting set of web sites that have already been archived, and pleased that should one day people in the years ahead decide they want to find out about books and the ramblings of a book addict they might just come up across me when I have long gone. Its’s also a bit of an odd feeling, but a good odd. I also like the idea that Savidge Reads will be locked in some big wonderful archive like in an Indiana Jones film or something, even though really it’ll just be a hard drive somewhere.

So remember dear readers, when you leave a comment here or when we have a delightful discussion on books it might be something that people may just look at in thousands of years to come. Its only a small possibility I know, but its a kind of lovely one


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22 responses to “Savidge Reads In The British Library

  1. That’s AMAZING news! I love the British Library and I think it’s wonderful that you’re blog will be stored there for posterity.

  2. Congrats! How amazing!! Love The British Library and your blog – what a great way to mix the two! Very cool news, Simon!

  3. gaskella

    That’s so cool! Congratulations Simon.

  4. cath

    Congratulations Simon, can imagine you are excited but take care 🙂

  5. Jen

    Congratulations, Simon! What an accomplishment! =)

  6. lizzysiddal

    Oh er, mister! Well done!

    (The technician in me wants to know how they are doing this – I’m assuming an electronic archiving – I have a similar problem to solve in the day job. )

  7. Louise

    This is brilliant news!!…congratulations, i bet you’re so proud of your blog!! well done xx

  8. Bet

    Congratulations, Simon! This reminds me of The Mass Observation Project. Maybe your blog will be chosen for a book one day (a la Nella Last).

  9.!!! That is amazing, Simon, I’m so pleased for you. Testament to your fabulous blog and hard work you put into it 🙂

  10. Ruthiella

    I saw that comment and wondered at the time if it was legitimate or some sort of spam. I am glad it was for real. Congratulations!

  11. well done simon and well deserved ,all the best stu

  12. novelinsights

    Wowee!! That is too cool. Congrats and I must say that it’s well deserved. I like the idea that you might feature in a future Indiana Jones… Raiders of the Lost Hardrive.

  13. That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  14. How exciting for you, Simon! And what an interesting project. I wonder if anyone in the future will enjoy reading old blogs.

  15. Simon, that’s amazing! Congratulations.

  16. Great news, Simon! Congrats.

  17. Oh Simon, very well done !!!
    I was asked to join this too back in 2006 and thought it was a wind up too, had to write tio Normblog who’s in there too to ask if it was for real, but as far as I know they’ve archived ever since …I’ve just been to look and it’s there and a picture of me sitting on Father Christmas’s lap saved for posterity!
    But on another note it does make me conscious of what I include so I often do a ‘for the record’ post about something just because I think I might be helping out a student on Mars in a few hundred years time by offering my thoughts on it now. Can you imagine how much reference material will be available, it will be staggering as long as they still have the means to access it that is.
    Prof John Carey said something fascinating about blogs when I met him… about how important they are as a record of the voice and opinions of the ordinary people and what we would give now to have those voices and opinions from the people of the 18th century.
    Carry on blogging and hope you’re mending xx

  18. Not the least surprised, because for me, this is the best book blog on the internet. It is good to see it now getting the credit it deserves, for this generation, and all those that will discover it in later years.

  19. How wonderful! Someone will write their PhD on you in fifty years’ time…

  20. Thanks very much everyone for your lovely comments, I would only be copying and pasting thanks into the replies which is a bit soulless so thought would say ‘ta very much’ for your lovely words in one go!

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