Help! Those 3 For 2’s…

I am sure it’s the same for any book lover but aren’t those 3 for 2 book offers that they have in book shops just so tempting. I have to say of late I have been rather incapacitated in terms of getting to many but whenever I have I am sooo tempted, regardless of how many books I have in my house to get more. They are just sent to tempt you aren’t they? Does anyone take pictures of the books that they see in them to find out more about later? Or is that just me? Anyway I wondered if we could all share what three books we would most love to read at the moment, as it might also help my aunty out, which you are always so good at.

I currently have about six titles on my most wanted list but if I currently had to choose any three books that I would get in such an offer it has to be the following…


The first is a hardback which naturally means it wouldn’t be in any of these book shop offers but it’s my game so my rules. On the odd occasion I have made it to a book shop it has been ‘The Hypnotist’ by Lars Kelper that has caught my eye because of the spooky cover. The fact it’s meant to be ‘riddled with irresistible, nail-biting suspense, this first-class Scandinavian thriller is one of the best I’ve ever read’ also adds to its allure. The next is the fault of Karen of Cornflower Books who mentioned the novels chosen for ‘Fiction Uncovered’. My initial response to the list of 8 chosen titles was ‘oh no not another list of books which I want to read every single one of’, because actually I do. However ‘Forgetting Zoe’ by Ray Robinson is a book that sticks out as ‘the dark, unflinching tale of ten-year-old Zoe, abducted and imprisoned after a chance encounter’ sounds short and rather disturbing. Finally, there is ‘Some Hope’ by Edward St Aubyn who I asked you all about last week. I want to start his series at the beginning and this one is the three first stories in one volume.

So what does this all have to do with my aunt? Well she asked a while back, and I then forgot, what books she should download for her Kindle (don’t say it) while she goes to Italy shortly and I was a bit stumped. I have given her a spare copy of ‘Trick of the Dark’ by Val McDermid which she loved, and I know she likes the Kate Atkinson ‘crime-lit’ (not my phrase) novels, but she wants to try ‘a few different things’ can you help?

So what would your current ideal 3 for 2 be? In fact maybe by sharing your three most wanted books, and why, at the moment would not only be a fun post but one she could have a meander through? I know you’ll come up with some corkers, and would be interesting to see if any books have caught all our eyes. Go on, have a go.


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14 responses to “Help! Those 3 For 2’s…

  1. 3 for 2? Ok, my list comprises The Last Time I saw Paris, Blueeyedboy and Small as an elephant 🙂
    Happy readings!

  2. novelinsights

    Before I go to Sleep, The Particular Sadness of the Lemon Cake, Pigeon English.

    Those 3 for 2’s are a little evil aren’t they?!

  3. “The Crimson Petal and the White” by Michael Faber – my sort of themes I guess!

    “Saints & Sinners” by Edna O’Brien – always very impressed with her early work which I found quite influential as a teenager so I am interested to read something new by her.

    “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami – one of the great modern writers in the magical realist style. Everything I have read by him has been very good, in some cases absolutely excellent. The English translation of this novel will be published in the autumn of 2011.

    I never take photographs in the manner you outline!

  4. Louise

    This is hard… ok..

    The Hypnotist, Lars Kepler
    Gillespie and I, Jane Harris
    Brfore I Go to Sleep,S.J Watson

    I will be getting these next week, i’ve already bought one lot of 3 for 2 this week, plus some other second hand beauties 😉

  5. lizzysiddal

    An excellent idea and one that I haven’t stopped thinking about since lunchtime. Anyway for the next 5 minutes, top of my list are:

    The River of Smoke – Amitav Ghosh
    Mercy – Jussi Adler-Olsen
    Waterline – Ross Raisin

  6. oh I struggle lot book I read miss the three for twos shame I do buy some thou last was let greatr world spin and two others ,all the best stu

  7. I used to be a manager for Borders Books UK: and we used to get so many customers moaning that they couldn’t find a ‘third book’, that we switched the offer to ‘Buy One get One Half Price’ which, while technically a lesser saving (1/4 rather than 1/3) was much more popular.

    Great blog btw.

    • Thanks Tomcat, there is mutual blog appreciation going on, I havent commented as much as I would have liked but that will be rectified shortly. I always wondered about the Borders by one get one half price, it didnt make sense, I can always think of three.

  8. Dot

    Love the sound of The Hypnotist, look forward to reading your review.

  9. Ivie

    Oh my, just found your blog. Think I might be a bit in love with you. Always on the look out for new recommendations so thank you for this fabulous site! Current most wanted: Annabel; Novel in the Viola and Jo Shapcott’s Of Mutability.

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