Give Away… When God Was A Rabbit – Sarah Winman

I love getting new books and as you can see I am very lucky as a lot wing their way to me. This also has its benefits as it means that with building relations with publishers means that I can pass on the book getting by giving some away, and today I have 4 copies to give away of a book I read and loved in May which was ‘When God Was A Rabbit’ by Sarah Winman.

I am so pleased I can give you all the chance to win what is a wonderful, wonderful read. Like with the Natasha Solomon’s give away this is open until June the 3rd, its open worldwide and all you have to do is simply stick a little ‘yes, please’ in the comments. It’s that simple. Good luck!

P.S I will be doing a big giveaway catch up next weekend, so stay tuned as I have lots and lots of books to do the draws for.


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34 responses to “Give Away… When God Was A Rabbit – Sarah Winman

  1. Verity

    Yes please!

  2. Yes please! 🙂

    Thank You!

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  4. Kim

    lovely. i’m also saying: yes please!

  5. Don’t count me in as I just read this and found it very good. I was so intrigued by the title and grabbed it at the library.

  6. Here’s my little ‘Yes, please’…

  7. Yes, please! I’ve heard a lot about this one – dividing opinions in the office. Thanks for offering!

  8. rhonda

    yes please.So sweet of you to have this draw!!

  9. cath

    And Yes Please!

  10. A resounding “yes please”!

  11. Mary Jones

    Yes please!

  12. Louisa

    Yes please! 🙂

  13. Caroline

    Oh, I’ve nearly bought this a few times (but Gillespie and I took preference, I’m afraid.), so yes, please, I’d love to enter the draw too!

  14. teadevotee

    Yes please!

  15. Neal Adolph

    Yes, please!

  16. Kirsty

    Yes please!

  17. lubylou12

    Yes Please : )

  18. JoV

    Yes, please! Thank you.

  19. Tina

    The book looks great – yes please! 🙂

  20. Helen J Youngs

    Oui! tres bein – sorry, wanted to be a bit different, as I may be a bit late… x

  21. Sarah Watts

    A BIG yes please!

  22. Pippa

    Yes please me too.

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