When Librarian’s Go Bad…

I don’t know about you but anytime I see something on the telly thats book related I always want to share it.  One such thing of late has been the psychotic librarian in ‘Psychoville’, which I have only just started watching and is one of the most bonkers TV shows there is, who has been making me laugh hysterically. The thing is invariably these clips won’t be on certain video based websites for quite some time. Well imagine my joy to discover that part of the long running story of Jeremy the psychotic librarian, and his alter ego ‘The Silent Singer’, have turned up. So I simply had to share it with other book lovers out there. Be warned… its a bit creepy but that’s, in part what makes it so funny (oh, and apologies for the red writing that comes over it occasionally – bear with it though)…

I don’t know why but I just find it hilarious. Is it just me? I am desperate for the rest of the storyline to appear so I can share the whole lot. I have also been trying to find a library based comedy clip of my favourite comediene at the moment, Miranda Hart, but no luck so far.

Anyway just a little mini post today, lots and lots going on with The Green Carnation Prize at the moment, more on that later in the week though. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend whatever you are upto?


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12 responses to “When Librarian’s Go Bad…

  1. kimbofo

    Hehehe. I haven’t being watching Psychoville, but going by this clip I should be! I used to love all the League of Gentlemen stuff, and even went so far as see the stage show, but somehow this series has passed me by.

    If you’re after wicked librarians, see if you can track down an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Series) called ‘The Librarians’. I’ve only ever seen the first series (I think there are 3) and it was bloody hilarious. Here’s a summary of it: http://www.abc.net.au/corp/pubs/media/s1860093.htm

  2. Oh my god, that is hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh. And you know, there are librarians out there like this guy. And don;t get me started on cataloguers!

  3. Why is that so funny? In the early 1980’s my younger brother had a library book that was so overdue, the library sent a collection agent out to our house to get it, and the fine I presume. It was a little scary.

  4. Louisa

    I’ve enjoyed this series of Psychoville so much – all coming together now! Just such a shame that only one episode left.

  5. That is a little funny actually. Quite a crazy librarian!

  6. gaskella

    I’ve missed this series – loved that clip though.

  7. I am with librarian on this one!

    I mean WHAT IF EVERYONE behaved like that lady!

    I say well done! Harrass her until she returns Coastal Walks part 2.

    Also I heart Miranda Hart as well!

  8. Fantastic! Librarians usually end up being portrayed in a very stereotypical manner so great with some variation.

  9. Sarah Watts

    Love this programme! Completely bonkers! Don’t forget that the last episode is tomorrow night. Think Jeremy the librarian is a great character but I am highly entertained by Hattie. Goodness knows how they will end this series?!

  10. Genius.
    A Famous University Library in the Fens:
    Me-to librarian: Do you have vol 3 of the Journal of Roman Studies? It’s not on the shelf?
    Librarian: Why?
    Me: Well, because I wanted to read an article in it.
    Librarian: We don’t have books just because you want them, you know.

    Me – running up stairs.
    Librararian: I assume if you are using this UNIVERSITY library you can read?
    Me; Yes, I can. Yes.
    Librarian: Then go back and read the new notice saying these stairs are out of use.

  11. Oh my god! It’s fantastic! Thank you, Simon, for sharing this.

  12. EllenB

    So very funny. I hope it comes to the USA. How many episodes are there?

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