I’m in the Bookseller…

Yes as The Green Carnation Prize relaunched at the weekend I was asked to do a piece for The Bookseller (I almost ripped their arms off at the chance) all about publishers and just how proud, or not in some cases, publishers are of their LGBT authors in a piece called ‘Proud to Publish’. So this isn’t a self promotion post, it’s prize promotion post…

As the Green Carnation Prize 2011 geared up for its relaunch on Sunday, it has been a mad whirl of trying to spread the word (and the press release, hint, hint) to anyone and everyone we can. This ended up with a lovely email from Katie Allen at The Bookseller asking if I would like to contribute… erm, of course I would. It also came at an opportune moment last week when I had received a rather negative email, which is better than no response as in the case of three major publishers. They support Savidge Reads, it just seems something like The Green Carnation Prize is a little more, erm, risky maybe?

I like to think I’m a pretty positive person, indeed when it comes to the prize I am rather excitable because I am passionate about it, yet this response from some ‘unnamed’ publishers has rather dampened my spirits. What do you think? Here is the piece in full.

Oh and I will be doing some more both for The Bookseller (on books in general I think) and with a few other bookish sites and the like for The Green Carnation so keep your eyes peeled. Do let me know you thoughts on the subjects raised today though (I have a feeling I am going to get a thrashing for this piece, not sure why, but I bet I do).

If you are wondering just what on earth The Green Carnation Prize is about you can see my thoughts here. If you would like to promote it (yes, please) then feel free to pass the press release onto anyone and everyone else. Oh, a final question… what would you like to know about The Green Carnation Prize as it goes forward, would you like to hear insights from me? Or would you rather just see all that on the site itself? Lots of your thoughts most appreciated.


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8 responses to “I’m in the Bookseller…

  1. Whaaat? I love the Green Carnation Prize idea and am shocked and upset that a publisher would say that! And I imagine their authors might be as well if they knew – those who are eligible anyway.

    • I was pretty shocked too Amy I have to say. Glad you are a fan of the prize, though only the second year I am sooooo impressed with the amount of books we have had submitted. We are actually talking about needing to extend the reading time for judges.

  2. Eva

    I thought your article was pitch perfect Simon!

    And shame on those publishers; let’s hope that as the prize grows they come to realise their mistake.

    • Thanks Eva thats really sweet of you. I had to try and get it just so, people have still got a little annoyed by it but if people are reacting thats a good thing surely?

  3. well done simon ,all the best stu

  4. Ruthiella

    Yes, please continue posting your insights! This is why I read your blog! I know some people dislike the idea of any sort of book prize, regardless of the criteria, but don’t mind them, since they almost always expand my reading microcosm.

    • I think that is the great thing about prizes to be honest Ruthiella, there are a lot of them about I would agree with people who say that, I also agree with you, without some of these book awards we wouldnt hear about so many books.

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