And The Winner of The Orange Prize 2011 is…

…Well we will know in just a few hours. I think this is the year that I have done the most Orange Reading ever. Sadly it has seemed I suffered a citrus book based burn out and the initial excitement of reading the whole longlist at one point became borderline frustration with having set myself such a task. The thing was though it brought forward some absolute gems, along with a few books I loathed (see this post for more longlist details), and its two of those gems, which I would have missed, that I would be equally overjoyed to see win the prize…

Yes, if Annabel’ by Kathleen Winter or ‘Grace Williams Says It Loud’ by Emma Henderson win (interestingly both debut novels) then I would be very pleased indeed. I have a strange feeling about the latter which niggled and niggled at me when I didn’t include it in my original guessing post, so hence why I put £1 on it at the bookies. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the other four won, and no not just because they are on the short list, because they are all good in varying ways. Emma Donoghue’s ‘Room’ is the favourite, I wouldn’t be shocked if ‘Great House’ by Nicole Krauss went and did it though, or Aminatta Forna’s ‘Memory of Love’, or ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ by Téa Obreht. Oh is mentioning them all not allowed? I am aware that I still haven’t put all of my longlist and shortlist reviews up. I just got orange’d out (I’m all about Green Carnations at the moment prize-wise) but they will come, I will get round to it. They are all worthy winners… I do have those two favourites though.

Good luck to the six finalists, I will update this post when the announcement has been and gone. Does anyone know what time that might be? Who do you think will win and/or who do you want to win?

Update… The winner was ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ and you can see my thoughts, which are still all over the shop and in need of reigning in, on here soon.


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12 responses to “And The Winner of The Orange Prize 2011 is…

  1. I went to Orange Prize short list readings on Monday.
    I haven’t actually read any of the short listed books but based on the excerpts readen and interviews with authors I would go go for Annabel.
    Kathleen Winter was funny and unassuming and the book sounded really interesting. I also love the cover! (I am big on covers).

    On the other hand, while Grace WIlliam Says It Loud sounded interesting enough, Emma Henderson came across as obnoxious and she sounded as if she was bored and she’d rather be home with her cats or something. Maybe it was the nerves.

    Nichole Krauss sounded like my kind of girl, so I am definitely going to read Great House as well.

    • I would have loved to have gone to the Orange Prize readings Kinga so I am rather jealous actually. It interests me that hearing people read from their books can make me like a book a lot more. I heard Tea read from hers and it worked much better, maybe I should have listened to it on audio?

  2. Louise

    I would like The Memory of Love to win, or Annabel… If Jamrach’s Menagerie had made it to the shortlist i would’ve liked that to have won.

    I wasn’t massively into Grace Williams, or The Tigers Wife, that i forced myself to finish it, it just seem to dissolve half way through, i didn’t care at all…shame as the blurb had me 😉

    • I completely agree with you about Jamrachs being on the short list. I dont know if I would have wanted it to win, I think Annabel is my winner actually… still there is always the Man Booker.

  3. The only one that I read from the list is “Grace Williams…” so I might choose that as the winner 🙂 We’ll just have to wait a few moments to see…

  4. And it’s Tea Obreht… I might give it a go 🙂

  5. Exiciting!! Love this prize.

  6. bookgazing

    Damn I was hoping it’d be the one book I’d read (Annabel) but I guess that just means I have to read ‘The Tigers Wife’ as well (it’s not like I don’t have it and a couple of the others off the longlist)

    Good on you with the GC prize article btw. There’s all kinds of ways of looking at whether we still need prizes that are specific to one group of people, but that doesn’t mean your decision that we need one for GLBTQ people is somehow harming equality as some of the commentators seemed to be saying. It just means you see things differently from them (and I do too, still think we need things like GC, Coretta Scott King and Orange annnnddd maybe we always will just because of the history of oppression that will always exist even when total equality comes to exist).

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