Savidge Reads and the RNIB

I am a big fan of doing as much for charity as I can, in fact the best non media job I have ever had was working for Breast Cancer Care, so when I had an email from Melanie at the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) asking if I would like to be involved in a new initiative, as a guest speaker, of people talking to book groups for blind and partially sighted people… I didn’t need any persuading.

So in the next few months I will be taking part in Special Interest telephone book groups. This is the chance for people who already have regular book groups via the phone, also through RNIB, get the chance to ask people in varying parts of the ‘book world’ any questions that they have. I also get the chance to ask them about their reading habits and the pro’s and con’s of the audio book industry. I have already got a list of questions about how the industry is doing, be it good or bad, in terms of resources for those people who might not be able to read a book in its traditional form. I think its going to be an interesting set of discussions.

As always, with any new exciting thing I get to do via Savidge Reads, I like to put out there to all of you for your thoughts and comments. So I was wondering if you had any questions that you would like me to ask these lovely readers in advance? I also know they are very keen to hear about great audio books, which aren’t so much my forte – though I have been really enjoying listening to Sarah Winman reading her own novel ‘When God Was A Rabbit’ since I finished the book – yet I am sure you will all know of some fantastic audio reads. Do let me know.


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7 responses to “Savidge Reads and the RNIB

  1. Oh, how exciting! You do seem to get all the fun requests 🙂
    The only audio book I’ve ever listened to over and over again (since I was child) is Imelda Staunton being the Provincial Lady – it’s sort of dramatised, but also sort of like the book…

    • I seem to be having a run of fun things sent my way, I think I am most excited about ‘Bookmarked’ though as a project, its going to be something very different for ‘oop north’.

      I can imagine Imelda Staunton is brilliant in Provincial Lady, oooh that must be a treat.

  2. great for you simon ,I used work with some older blind people and learnt basic Braille from them ,used find the RNIB work great ,good for you ,all the best stu

    • I have never learnt braille, I did learn sign language for one of my ex’s though. I have sadly forgotten it all now. Glad to hear you rate RNIB, I have been thrilled to be asked.

  3. Interestingly my first audiobook review goes live tomorrow morning – it’s a sf story The Skinner – wonderfully read. And I’m listening to Rivers of London – back into them as I used to only listen to them in the gym – relaxing in the bath with them is fun!

  4. Rivers of London was great – funny, well plotted with interesting main character – really uses London well – it’s a cross between magical urban fantasy with police proceedural if you like that kind of thing – it kicks off quickly so you should now pretty soon if you like it 🙂

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