Giveaway… Purge – Sofi Oksanen

As I mentioned above in today’s ‘Savidge Reads Grills…’ there are certain books that I have a reaction to and want to spread as far and wide as I can. Well, thanks to the very kind publishers of ‘Purge’ (which is seriously wonderful) I have a delightful four copies to give away worldwide.

So what do you have to do? Well, to combine some research with the theme of author interviews I am asking you about Literary Salons (there is a reason why which is forthcoming on the blog next week)… so the questions I have is…

If you had one just down the road, what would your ideal literary salon consist of?

You have until midnight GMT on Monday. Good luck.


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13 responses to “Giveaway… Purge – Sofi Oksanen

  1. Zee

    A mixture of people from different walks of life so you can get many different viewpoints. But there needs to be a definite theme to it, either something that is close to my heart (for example feminism) or something far out of my comfort zone so that I am challenged (not sure what that would be though). Mainly I would just love to be in a room full with intellectual people who are discussing something other than who is sleeping with whom on the latest docusoap.

  2. Isn’t that just one question? 🙂
    To answer this question, my ideal literary salon would be the one where Jeanette Winterson is invited. She has such an incredibly creative mind and she is so down to earth in her speech that I am sure no one would get bored.

  3. I think I’d need to get the setting right first – a lot of cozy chairs, with good tea and coffee as biscuits. I’d be happy to have anyone who reads for the love of reading, rather than for namedropping books into conversations. I’d love to talk fiction, travelogues, biographies…anything except fantasy or sci fi! (Fans of those genres would still be welcome at my salon though, but I’d be curled in the corner reading, just not my scene).

  4. a salon where everyone really just wanted to talk about books.I agree a group of people from all walks of life so there would be different points of you

  5. I think we’d need a mix of mainstream and indie authors, not just prose or poetry, and not just literary or commercial. I think people should be encouraged to read outside their comfort zone x

  6. JoV

    I like my literary salon to be filled with readers who read International lit, with enough sweets, biscuits and coffee to go around, we would talk about Finland books (Purge!), hop off to Hisham Matar’s books about Libya then Neel Murkhajee or Vikram Seth’s novels about India the next. And a world atlas and a globe to go with the backdrop and the set is complete!

    I’m in for the giveaway.

  7. People who just like to read – never mind the genre and a mix of authors – I too like the mix of nationalities – get so many differing points of view that it makes for amazing stuff.

  8. It would be nice to have a literary salon with authors talking not only about current and mainstream titles, but forgotten titles, backlists and of course, international literature. I think it’s easy to focus on the new, but most readers welcome books that have been around for a while. Also occasional themes and some cakes would be lovely!

  9. A pub, but a nice homely sort of country pub, all beams and quirks littered with comfy sofas and chairs. It would have to be open to all genres, as personally I like to be recommended books and you can have a really good discussion about one even when only one person has read it if they talk about it with enough passion. You’d also be able to talk about the wider social/political/cultural etc.. of the novels and their authors – so basically my ideal Literary Salon would be an open space for people of all different walks of life and all different ages.

  10. Louisa

    My literary salon would comprise the following:
    – stripy sofas;
    – foot stalls;
    – interesting books;
    – custard creams;
    – tea; and
    – compulsory slipper-wearing!

    Basically it would be a “home from home” – a place where it would be acceptable to stay for a few hours and really get into a book or meet like-minded people without feeling obliged to buy things.

  11. EllenB

    Comfy chairs, tea and/or wine and lovely biscuits. Congenial people who are serious readers, are open to others’ opinions and who love to read across the spectrum. Most important is a leader who possesses a depth of literary knowledge, who can choose or suggest books for the group which are out of the ordinary and which will prompt enthusiastic discussion, and who can keep a group on topic. Ah, I’m there in my mind.

  12. Shannon

    Beautiful, off-beat books, comfortable arm chairs, and a dog to curl up at my feet!


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