Recommended Reading, My Books of 2011 So Far…

Can you believe we are halfway through 2011 already? I have more thoughts on all that coming later on today. Why is it that knowing you are halfway through a year makes you think about everything more? Like I said, more on that later today. In the meantime I thought I would give you a list of my books of the year so far. There have been more than ten in my ‘Books of 2011’ category, some have grown on me, some faded over time and some like the marvellous new Ali Smith novel ‘There But For The’ still need a little time to settle on me as do about six books I have read recently and have still only done small notes on pre-review. Getting back to the point without further ado, here are my favourite reads of 2011 so far…

  1. The Proof of Love by Catherine Hall
  2. Gillespie and I by Jane Harris
  3. Annabel by Kathleen Winter
  4. Cat’s Eye – Margaret Atwood
  5. Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford
  6. Grace Williams Says It Loud by Emma Henderson
  7. The Mermaid’s Singing by Val McDermid
  8. A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley
  9. Jamrach’s Menagerie by Carol Birch
  10. Before I Go To Sleep by  SJ Watson

I wonder if these will still be some of my favourites by the end of the year. There are a few contenders that I haven’t put reviews up on the blog, in fact ‘Swamplandia!’ by Karen Russell which I read ages ago, but haven’t reviewed yet could be a contender. Of course my end of year favourites allow me to cheat a little more, I have ten released in the year and ten released before, this mid-way post is more of a merge.

It is of course now pretty much summer time, and so you could really say that really this is my list of summer reading recommendations, should you be in the need of any. What are your favourite books of the year so far? What would you recommend I get reading over the summer months?


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24 responses to “Recommended Reading, My Books of 2011 So Far…

  1. Yikes, I’m ashamed to say I’ve not read any of these. Have been listening to ‘Anabel’ serialised on Radio 4 though. That counts….right?

  2. I’ve read the Mitford and have Bradley’s mystery on my shelf (I love Flavia!) but haven’t read any of the others, although lots that I want to. And Swamplandia is also another that I want to get but I’m trying to limit my spending as I’ve already bought too many books!

  3. Kim

    Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro, Love Begins in Winter by Simon van Booy, Skippy Dies by Paul Murray, Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, Ghost Light by Joseph O’Connor, Just Kids by Patti Smith, A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan..

    that’s it for now, I think.

    I’m very curious about your thoughts on Swamplandia!. loads of readers disappointed, and even though I liked it, it’s not in my loved-list.

    • I have still not reviewed Swamplandia! I really must, mind you I havent reviewed Alan Hollinghursts but that is for very different reasons hahaha.

      Lovely list of books you have popped up for me Kim, I shall have to check some of those out. Though I didnt really like Goon Squad.

  4. Louise

    I love all these books on your list, apart Margaret Atwood, we just don’t mix, I find her a bit meh.. I did like a collection of her short stories, in particular the one with the red hen. Swamplandia is the only Orange I haven’t read, but hope to soon, I’d probably swop her for S J Bolton 😉

  5. I very strongly recommend Marge Piercy’s memoir “Sleeping with Cats”

  6. EllenB

    State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. A wonderful book.

  7. I haven’t read any of your favorites from this year, but I guess that means I’ve got lots of good reading to look forward to. It’s tough to choose, but I think my two favorites this year so far are Old Filth by Jane Gardam and That Old Ace in the Hole by Annie Proulx.

  8. I’d agree with Before I Go To Sleep but I didn’t like Cat’s Eye and generally don’t like Val McDermid. Have you read anything by Belinda Bauer? Only 2 published so far – Blacklands and Darkside – but both creepy, disturbing thrillers.
    Away from thrillers I loved Next World Novella by Matthias Politycki and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.
    Checking my blog, I’ve discovered how many YA novels I’ve been reading (!) but would recommend Gillian Philip’s novels to anyone, anyage.

    • You don’t like Val McDermid? How can you not? I think she is brilliant, I am reading my thrid of hers in a year at the moment (two have been read in the last two months) and love her diversity. I have read Belinda Bauer and liked both of those books a great deal, did you see the blog we did together discussing The Man Who Fell To Earth.

      I shall have to look out for Gillian Philips.

  9. Mij Woodward

    Thanks! I’m going to try Proof of Love and Gillespie and I.

    My favorite book so far this year is one that was first published in 2007, then translated in 2010: The Last Brother, by Nathacha Appanah. Could not put this book down. About a little known incident during WWII, about Jewish refugees on Mauritius, and two little boys.

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