Savidge Reads Feedback Wanted #1… Do You Like Incoming Book Posts?

My recent mid year thoughts have me a-thinking. One of the things that I wondered was if you like it when bloggers do a post all about the latest books that they have received? If you do I have hidden my latest post on all the new books at Savidge Reads HQ here. But before you do pop there, or move swiftly on I would love your thoughts on this.

I personally do like incoming posts myself, firstly I am nosey and secondly I just love pictures of books and seeing what I might be missing, but I know there are lots of people out there who don’t. So I wondered why you do or you don’t? Let me know. Thanks.


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37 responses to “Savidge Reads Feedback Wanted #1… Do You Like Incoming Book Posts?

  1. I like them. Granted, your posts make me a little jealous 😉 But truly, I enjoy them. It helps me keep somewhat up to date about what books are appearing and I just love looking at books. It feels a little like coming over to the house of a friend and taking a peek at their book shelves.

  2. I love them. I love to see pictures of the new stuff people are putting on their shelves, to see what I’m missing, and to weigh in with my own two cents about which of their new acquisitions they should read first. As a matter of fact, I’m about to write a whopper of one for my own blog. =)

  3. You probably already know my feelings on this…. but I’ll tell you anyway 😉 I don’t generally like them. In many cases (NOT yours, I know you receive loads of books for the day job) they come across as boasts. I have to be honest and say I’ve started to “unfollow” blogs in my RSS feed when all they ever show are pics of books that arrived in the post. (Similarly, I’m doing the same for monthly stock-takes: I really don’t care what such-and-such book blogger read this month, I’ve already seen the reviews and don’t need a re-cap!) Sorry, will take my grumpy head off now! Am sure I am probably in the minority about this one. But, as ever, it’s up to individual bloggers to decide what they want to post — there’s no hard and fixed rules. Different strokes for different folks and all that. 🙂

  4. Erika W.

    This works both ways. With you and a handful of others it has led me to so much new reading and also re-reads, the “The Shuttle” comes to mind immediately. Other book bloggers have been dropped from my “look-in” list when I see the kind of stuff they read–and yes, this is meant to sound insulting! They vary from the young trying to make an impression to the somewhat obvious possibly wanting more publisher’ hand outs, the readers of clap trap.

  5. I rather like them – I’m so nosy and just love any list of books…

  6. Louise

    I’m nosey, I like them…I like pictures on blogs, I don’t read any blogs that doesn’t have a mix of pictures and texts….too much writing is too much for me.

    This is your blog, and if you like them, then so be it…if other people don’t then stuff them 😉

    I do agree with Kimbofo, that sometimes (NOT yours) they can come across as boasts..

  7. Susan E

    Sometimes I read the lists of books received in blogs and sometimes I just skip over them. I enjoy posts about finds, like your recent Penguin windfalls and Du Maurier find, or someone’s thrift store discoveries, or a particular book someone just got and is anticipating reading.

  8. I enjoy them as long as they don’t start to dominate a blog’s content. I don’t think there’s much chance of your doing that, though. And you do get some interesting books that I like knowing about.

  9. They’re my favourite sort of blog post, probably, both to write and to read! So much potential discussion from them.

  10. p.s. love the new header pic! Where’s it from?

  11. I like them. Not because I’m nosey, I just have to know everything. 🙂
    I like to see books and I like to know what’s going on in other reading homes.

  12. I’m on both sides of the fence here. These tend to be posts I skim or delete altogether if my Google reader is piling up (which it usually is) and like kimbofo, I’ve started unsubbing from blogs that tend to do this excessively. That being said, there is a bit of the curious in me that likes to see what is out there that I might have missed.

  13. Eva

    I enjoy them because you include pics and commentary! And I’m not one for wanting to own massive amounts of books, so I don’t even get jealous. 😉

  14. I don’t dislike them, but in general I do not read them.

  15. lizzysiddal

    No if but and maybes from me. I love them!

  16. I tend to skim through them. They’re okay, but not a major influence on my blog reading one way or another. The reviews are where its at for me.

    I have noticed that they do tend to get lots of comments so I guess they are very popular. I do them now and then myself.

    But, I still stand by my overall blogging principal–it’s your blog, do what you want with it.

  17. I like the posts about books (and covers!) to know what is “happening” in the book world. When you are cut off as much as I am, this is important, very important for me. I make a note of books which I may like and eventually do get to them.

  18. eh – I don’t read them but not because I feel the blogger is boasting. I just find there’s not much to say other than “I read one of those; it was great!” Now, as Susan says, the “discovery” ones are very fun.

    But again – your blog. Do what you want with it. I certainly won’t stop reading. I just usually skip those. But then I’ll just see you the next post.

  19. Jo

    I like them as they inspire so much and I am basically nosey. They remind me of books that are out and I want, and books that I want to reread.

    I can understand those who do not like them. And I try and condense them into one post. I am not keen on those who post what they have got every day!

  20. I don’t like them very much and I tend to skip them. I like to get my teeth into a good review — if I want to look at piles of books I can go to a bookshop. But then in general I’m not all that interested in newly published books and I guess most of yours come from publishers. Sorry! But I love the new look of the blog and as Simon T says I’d love to know where you got the great picture!

  21. Depends on the blogger. Some come across as boasting, yourself though – informative. Generally I have a good look through them to see if there’s anything I have missed that I want to read, or if I have similar taste to the blogger it may help me choose an upcoming release.

    At the end of the day, as others have said, it’s your blog. You do what you want. Regardless as to how many people swing past and read your words, this is a home for YOUR mind and writing. Do what you feel best.


  22. I love seeing what other people buy / receive. Sometimes I get some great ideas or see a book by an author I like etc.

    BTW, loving the new look and that header (been away for 2 weeks so missed it til now).

  23. Like! It gives you a little glimpse into the blogger’s brain when you see what they’ve received.

  24. Yes, definitely like to see what people have received or bought – even if it’s only for the sake of a certain level of nosiness. It’s much like picking through someone’s bookshelves or CD collection. We don’t do a ‘received this week’ post on the blog but put up a photo on our FB account. I think it lets authors/publishers know that their parcel has arrived and, by putting up pics of our purchases or library borrowings, shows the kind of thing we like to read.

  25. I really like them – gives me an opportunity to see what’s out overseas (we are sometimes behind in Australia) and yes, I am nosey and get a kick out of seeing what’s in people’s parcels!
    The only downside for me is that is makes my wishlist even longer…

  26. I don’t care for them really, would much rather read reviews and ideas, thoughts etc than lists of ‘look what I’ve got’

    By the way I won ‘Gillespie & I’ in your big book give-away, but it never turned up! v disappointed, any clues or am I being impatient ..

  27. gaskella

    I tend to like them when they show what people are excited about reading in particular.

  28. Keep ’em coming! I love to see them, long to read them, know I probably won’t, but, love the idea of all those books, and more to come.

  29. michelle

    I guess I am nosey too, but I really enjoy the visual effect of seeing a pile of books stack on one another, wondering what gems may be discovered in that stack. I much prefer to see books that have been bought and chosen by the bloggers themselves, especially those rare finds from secondhand bookshops, rather than those new ones sent from publishers. It’s like getting a glimpse of being in those bookshops through the blogger’s picks. Overall for me, a picture with books in it is always welcome and pleasing to the eye, and a blog that is without such pics would be only half the fun. So, keep them coming! 🙂

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  31. bookgazing

    Love ’em as long as they’re not the only thing on a blog and I’m not on a buying ban 😉

  32. Jen

    I love your incoming book posts! I go straight to my library’s web page to see if I can find any!

  33. Wowsers, thanks for all your comments back everyone. I cant answer them all (and they seem to be either yes or no… mainly yes) but I wanted to say thanks, I must do more of these in the furture. Ta again.

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