Savidge Reads Feedback Wanted #2… Book Details in Reviews

The first of two posts today but just a quick feedback based one; you were so helpful with the last. In yesterdays post on ‘Loaded’ by Christos Tsiolkas I did something a little bit different, so little you may not have noticed, when I put the details of the book with the picture of the cover. The publisher, the year it came out originally (reissued date if so needed), amount of pages and how I got it.

I really like it on other blogs like this one and this one, I do love to know how bloggers get to reading what they do, I also like to know how weighty a tome a book might be? Until yesterday I have just never done it myself, and I don’t know if I like it or not! It did make me notice that I don’t include any of this in a review, apart from the source of the book at the bottom normally in grey italics, and unless you look at my tags you never know who the publisher is and that doesn’t seem fair, especially if they sent it.

What do you think? Does it help you as readers of the blog if all that information is there or if I have intrigued you with my thoughts on the book do you then go off and find out more yourself?


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13 responses to “Savidge Reads Feedback Wanted #2… Book Details in Reviews

  1. Louise

    I pay very little attention to those details. If it’s a book I want I just go and buy it, and I don’t bother with information..If I want to have a look at some reviews of a book, then I do notice them as I’m scrolling down the page, but it doesn’t matter to me and it doesn’t play any part in my book buying decisions.

  2. I always mention the font specially if its irritating small! thats old age speak.

  3. I like it the way you did it in your previous post. Under the book picture. If someone is interested he can easily find it and if not skip it. 🙂

  4. I like the information – knowing who publishes it can help you decide if you’d like it, and having the release date and page count is useful too.

  5. It doesn’t really bother me as it’s so easy to find details online, although I am impressed that people are very thorough (and not lazy like me!)

  6. love to have the details.It just makes it easier when we have the info,

  7. I’ve always been able to find the books I want, often ones you’ve reviewed by the way, based on just the author and title. I appreciate it when bloggers are upfront about getting books as freebies from publishers, though.

  8. cath

    I liked the unobtrusive way you did it and I really like to know the
    page count beforehand.

  9. gaskella

    I find I often mention publication date, and larger page counts in my write-ups, and I always say if a book is a freebie. I do like the neatness of how you did that.

  10. I really don’t care or notice much if a blogger includes those details, but I do think it is nice for those who are curious. It is also nice for the publishers to be acknowledged.

  11. novelinsights

    I like it. It’s not essential but it is a nice to have. 🙂

  12. I suppose I like to have the information that I provide myself – publisher and year. More info doesn’t hurt but also isn’t useful to me.

  13. Thanks again for all your comments, I have taken them all on board… and then done it my way anyway. Hahaha, your feedback was really helpful, I just feel the more info I can give the better.

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