Writing That Affects You…

Do you ever read something and find yourself an emotional mess in both a happy and a sad sense at the same time, a special piece of writing so beautiful, bittersweet and heartbreaking that it just gets you right where it should? These are very rare things to find but I was bowled over by one recently. It’s not a piece of fiction, its not a poem, it was a bold and heart on her sleeve blog post which Shelley Silas posted and one I think you should all read… so go here and do so, right now.

It is a shame that Shelley is Stella Duffy’s wife (no, not in that way they are a lovely couple – I mean as Stella is a judge) and doesn’t have a book out as that piece of writing would make an excellent Green Carnation Prize winner frankly. A voice of utter honesty. That’s what I am looking for, and not just with the prize, but also with my reading in general.  They don’t all have to be emotional in a sad sense, but they need to do something to me. It has to hit me, even if it’s a fit of the absolute giggles that keep bubbling up when you least expect them rather than crying at your computer screen or onto your opened pages. I want to be effected when I read. Don’t you?

By the way, once you have finished reading Shelley’s wonderful piece, do pop and have a look at the all new Green Carnation site. Feedback wanted there.

What was the last piece of writing that hit you in some way, a piece that really resonated with you?


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14 responses to “Writing That Affects You…

  1. Actually the same thing you described happened to me yesterday: I’m reading Embers by Sandor Marai, and the whole book is a really powerful, but there’s a passage, were the main character tries to define Friendship (the true one) that really moved me. The way the words are used, all the reflection that’s done is so beautifully written that I believe I will never forget it.

    • I have always pondered over Embers whenever I have seen it in a book shop or at the library and wondered if maybe I should give it a whirl. If I see it at the library tomorrow I will pick it up. Thanks for the recommendation Carolina.

  2. I had a similar experience with Embers, myself. Wonderful book. The last book that moved me like that was Visit from the Goon Squad which did it several times by the end. A third one that does that to me is The Great Gatsby which I reread for the nth time last December. Gets me every time.

    • Right I am now going to have to read Embers, and its not brand new so thats even more of a reason. I liked The Great Gatsby, it didnt move me. I dont think I should comment on The Goon Squad hahahaha.

  3. winterlief

    actually, the book I just finished. The Outward Room by Millen Brand. it is a rather quiet book but the impact it had on me was crazy – I felt everything the protagonist felt. never experience something like this before..
    the first time this happened to me was with The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, which is just marvelous. the writing is gorgeous and the characters are lovely.

    • I havent heard of Brand’s book so thats a new to me recommendation right there. I really liked Krauss’ newest novel (the name has escaped me completely) oh, The Great House, so I would like to read The History of Love at some point.

  4. The whole of H.E. Bates’ Fair Stood The Wind for France, which I read a couple of weeks ago, did this for me. Every sentence was gorgeous. And the entire story just sent shivers up my spine.

    PS> Any chance you can re-instate the “recent comments” wotsit in one of your menu bars? I miss following who’s said what on a regular basis.

    • Yes, I need to re-instate that, sorry Kim. I will do it when have finished playing catch up with a month or mores comments and its not just my avatar endlessly.

      I keep looking at the Bates in the library, I should give it a whirl as I always trust your recommendations and you did really love that book.

  5. Thank you very much for that link to the post by Shelley Silas.

  6. I don’t get emotionally affected by books as much as I do films, oddly enough. But the latest to make me cry (which isn’t what you were asking, but it’s along the same lines!) was Saki’s The Unbearable Bassington.

  7. Valerie

    On Thursday I picked up Ian McEwan’s ‘On Chesil Beach’. Though I’m a few years younger (just a few) than Florence and Edward the detail of student life in the 60s really resonated with me. But what a sad tale. Oh how I wanted to enable them to talk to each other and not be so hung up with the sex. Clearly the only thing on his mind and the last thing she wanted or knew how to do. How many couples have spent a lifetime in such agony?


    • Valerie, that in deed is a prime example of a book that affected me a lot too. I am not of the same generation or age as the characters in that book, it just got under my skin and broke my heart a bit. One small incident could ruin so much.

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