Do I Want To Read… The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan?

I personally don’t read that much werewolf based fiction, even though I love a good werewolf film, so it’s interesting that I have had Glen Duncan’s ‘The Last Werewolf’ on my periphery for quite some time. I can’t say I am a big read of supernatural fiction, though I have dabbled in the Twilight series (which some people would say I shouldn’t admit to but stuff it) and have various thoughts on those, I do like a good chilling ghost story though. Yet I have read a few reviews – like this one – and heard various podcasts and the like that make me think I might rather like this read. Weirdly there was one absolute slating of the book that made me want to read it more, and that was from the fabulous Marieke Hardy.

I am pretty sure I have pushed you in the direction of Australia’s ‘First Tuesday Book Club’ before. It’s the perfect book show and one I am shocked we haven’t the likes of in the UK as I think it would be a great success (and I know someone who would love to host it, cough). Each month they read two books in a panel of five (three of whom, Jennifer Byrne, Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger, are always on it) and discuss them. Invariably the books are one modern and one classic, this month the modern one was ‘The Last Werewolf’. Well Marieke went crazy on it calling it ‘a very silly book’, and excuse my French, a ‘cock forest’,  where else would you get a brilliant review like that? If you want to see it then go here and skip to 3.33 minutes for the fun to begin its hilarious. You can also sign up to get the series as a vodcast every month.

I have also heard on ‘Books on the Nightstand’; one of my other favourite podcasts, that this is a ‘literary werewolf novel’ could this be a surprise contender for the Man Booker 2011, how bizarre and brilliant would that be? So have any of you read ‘The Last Werewolf’ and what did you think? Isn’t it funny how a bad review, when done honestly and well, can make you want to read something even more?


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13 responses to “Do I Want To Read… The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan?

  1. Read it! Though I’d be surprised is the great bastion of all things middle-brow and hyper-real that is the Booker prize would give this one a nod.

  2. I loved it Simon, a bit of a guilty pleasure but not so guilty when you consider that Duncan is a writer of literary fiction really and this venture into something more commercial came about through the pressures on publishing (see this interview for more detail). It’s well paced, intelligent, sexy and thrilling and had just enough for the literary snob in me. I dare you not to enjoy it.

  3. I’m undecided on whether to recommend this or not. I would recommend it based on the fact that it’s a pretty decent book (she’s not wrong about ‘cock-forest’ though.) The only thing making me err the other way is that I’ve been a longtime fan of Glen Duncan, and this is pretty disappointing by his standards. Don’t read that as a ‘oh, he was only good while he was being literary’ because his best by a country mile is ‘I, Lucifer’ which is probably even more ‘genre’ than Last Werewolf.

    On balance–worth a read, if you promise to go read I Lucifer too!

    • I was talking with my Bookmarked co-host about Glen Duncan (we might get him for a gig next year) and he said I, Lucifer is just incredible so I will have to read both won’t I? Maybe its best I am starting with this one?

  4. Louise

    LOL!!.. that panel is brilliant, I love that it’s light and fresh and they laugh, and they said erection, cock and sex..don’t think you get that on the More4 book club 😉 I haven’t read this, but I’m going to!

  5. will liked it simon I trust his judgement ,I ll not be unless or paths cross ie I see it cheap or in library ,all the best stu

  6. gaskella

    I added this to my wishlist after Will’s review too. I do want to read it.

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