Five Days To Go…

…Until Thomas and myself host International Anita Brookner Day. Its coming around remarkably quickly, so I wanted to give you all a timely reminder that you have 5 days (which is easily enough time to devour a Brookner, it can be done in a few sittings – so pop to the library on your lunch break… or your local bookshop) and join in with all the fun we will be having on Saturday.

I will have devoured another by then, mind you its taking me ages to decide which one. Typically its ‘Strangers’ – which I don’t have – that I actually fancy reading the most at the moment. I will have to rethink that one I think. Which one will you be reading, or which have you already read? Thomas has done a great post on ‘A Start in Life’/’The Debut’ which I also really loved – its a book lovers book. Do let me know. Oh and don’t forget that it has a site all of its own now.


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3 responses to “Five Days To Go…

  1. novelinsights

    Oh goodness. I will have a toddle to the library today and see if I can snaffle one!

  2. Sadly, I don’t think I will be able to participate. I really wanted to, especially because we share a birthday.

  3. I’ve got a Brookner sitting in my TBR pile. I’m planning on starting it on the 16th so my review will be a bit late, but it will be there eventually.

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