It’s International Anita Brookner Day…

Well its here.  International Anita Brookner day has arrived on the authors 83rd Birthday, so wishing you a very happy birthday Ms Brookner. I know she knows about the day, her publishers told me that she was ‘tickled pink’ so I hope that they go over to the official International Anita Brookner Day blog and see the posts that you have done from all over the blogosphere and all over the world. I want to say a huge thanks from me and Thomas (who has even tried to get his dog, the lovely Lucy, to give one of her books a whirl) for everyone who has joined in.

I also want to take time to thank Thomas who took a comment I made in an email and made it real and has been much better than me sorry brilliant at push and mentioning the event and making the awesome logo. What a star! I am organising him a little special something to say thanks. Anyway back to business.

Today you can expect me to be popping over to the IABD blog and leaving comments (and playing catch up) on all the posts, I have a post called ‘Anita and Me’ arriving later on today, and if I can finish it, and I am really trying to, another Anita Brookner review of another Anita treat.

So let me know if you have written about her, so I can doubly check that I have read your lovely posts, and enjoy the day. If you still haven’t tried her yet I hope you are enticed. See you on the IABD blog during the day, looking forward to it.


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4 responses to “It’s International Anita Brookner Day…

  1. I have written about her, but not sure my post will win any prizes! How lovely that she knows about the day, though.

  2. Blanca Monter Monroy

    Maybe is a little late.. but I’ve just finished reading “Falling Slowly”, my second Anita Brookner’s book (the first was “Look at me”). Both books are really, really good; but “Falling Slowly” really moved me almost to tears, I could feel the loneliness and dissatisfaction of Miriam and Beatrice on every page. I do not know if I am ready for a third Anita Brookner’s book.

  3. Thank you to everyone who joined in be it instantly or belatedly or in advance, meant a lot to me and Thomas.

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