Car Boot Books

There is a great British tradition in the UK simply known as the ‘car boot’. Many a time in my childhood I would head off, in the earliest hours of the morning, with my Grandad ‘Bongy’ to go and sell some wears or better still go and find the early bargains. However once you live in the cities Car Boot Sales become less common, so back in the countryside how could I miss out on possible book bargains especially with scenery like this…


So off I went on a hunt with Granny Savidge Reads, my great-uncle Gordon and great-aunty Janice in the hunt of bargains. I have to say this one wasn’t the greatest example, in fact it was rather sparse…


But after some tables filled with serious tat and some sellers with almost too good to be true (and rather dodgy) items such as the latest DVDs and iPhone equipment, I found what looked to be a place of possible promise…


Initially I was rather dismayed, should I have wanted travel guides from 1996 or a guide on how to mend the BMW I don’t own I would have been in heaven. Yet after a rummage (I do love that word) I found two little gems which I had to have…


Well, at 20p each how could I not?


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16 responses to “Car Boot Books

  1. Louise

    Car boots aren’t really my thing, but I love that Angela carter cover!!

  2. I could have used a car boot sale this week. I had some stuff I really wanted out of the house, but not enough to have a yard sale. And even though you have already combed through those crates of books, I really want to have a fossick for myself.

    • I have never quite understood the yardsales, are there any rules with them or do you just do them? I think any book lover wants a good box of second hand books to root through dont they.

  3. I totally love car boot sales though I must say really good books are usually few and far between. Once in France, though, I found a first edition of Katherine Mansfield’s The Garden Party for 10 francs (£1 sterling) — it’s worth a good deal more than that, though I haven’t sold it!
    By the way, did you get my email about The Novel in the Viola?

    • No I would agree with you Harriet, I dont think car boots are the best place for books, but any bookisj opportunity and there I am. A first edition is an incredible find, you lucky, lucky thing.

      You got your Viola didnt you?

  4. You should have came to my one 2 weeks ago, everything from Shakespeare to Margaret Atwood, 20p each or 6 for a pound!

    • Oh now you tell me Katrina, mind you I have been so rubbish with comments (sorry) that I would have missed it anyways hahaha. 6 for a pound, amazing! Though actually maybe its best I didn’t.

  5. Is this a quasi-legal activity? It looks like what we’d call an old-fashioned flea market here in the U.S. I can see buying those two for 20p each. I get lots of old books that I use for various art projects at flea markets myself.

  6. gaskella

    I car boot regularly – but find that in Abingdon, an otherwise very bookish town, that I sell just a handful of books from my several boxes and it is even rarer to I find any books I want to buy! However, odd crystal glasses, anything with even the thinnest covering of silver or gold, and housey discards sell like hotcakes! Maybe, I should cast my net further afield. Also I find nowadays that people will not pay more than 50p for anything if they can get away with it.

    I remember doing car boot sales in the days before ebay and amazon really took off and you could charge £1 or more – and get it, for a book in near new condition……

    • See amazon has a lot to answer for doesnt it Annabel, but you cant buy an ebook at a car boot so thats one in the face of those.

      I should have had a root through for trinkets but am waiting till I move into my new flat in a month or so.

  7. Car boot sales are a peculiarly British tradition, I think. In Oz we have garage sales.

    Looks like you got some good bargains — and even if the stories are rubbish, who’s complaining when they only cost 20p!

    • Hahahaha I am hoping they arent rubbish, I must read one of them actually. I need to read something short at the moment. I have just read Far To Go and am about to go and check your review out.

  8. great finds simon ,all the best stu

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