Guess Where I’ve Been… And Win Some Books

It’s been a funny old week so apologies for the unusual quiet on Savidge Reads. But lets not go into detail… It did start (if weeks start on Saturdays) with a real treat as I was having some quiet respite and rest at Granny Savidge Reads. This always includes lots of talking about books, book bargain hunting and nice cups of tea in lovely places. The lovely place we had tea on Saturday has inspired a little fun competition for you to win some lovely books, all you have to do is guess where I went from the pictures below…

It’s somewhere of high class and quality yet modern innovation as you can see from the lovely chairs we sat in to have our tea (in my favourite colour, Gran and I wanted some but at £150 a pop I couldn’t really justify four)…


The cafe itself is situated in the rather grand stables (though nothing in comparison to the grand house itself) which would make an amazing house all by themselves…


The shop stocks book recommendations from both the current Duke…


And the current Duchess (in fact I really want to read ‘Black Diamonds’)…


The Dowager Duchess has signed copies of many of the books she has written (oh how hard it was not to just buy them all I can’t tell you)…


And their are lots of books by her sisters, the Mitfords…


I think that’s easily enough clues. So… where was I?

Leave a comment and let me know and three of you will be picked at random and win a very appropriate book I’ll be discussing here on Sunday! It’s open worldwide… Good luck!


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41 responses to “Guess Where I’ve Been… And Win Some Books

  1. Heather Jones

    This must be Chatsworth. Lokks like an interesting selection of books there.

    • Veronica

      It is Chatsworth. I last visited about 20 years ago and long to go again. Am currently reading ‘In Tearing Haste’ – I reckon Debo might possibly turn out to be the most gifted of all the Mitford girls, both for the quality of her writing (her prose style is excellent , unforced and natural) and for the intelligence and perspicacity she displays in her management of Chatsworth.

  2. Chatsworth? I’ve always wanted to visit!

  3. Julie

    Black Diamonds is FABULOUS.

  4. CHATSWORTH! I really really want to go there. I’m glad you had a lovely day out with Granny!

    I have Black Diamonds sitting on my shelf at home…must get around to it one of these days!

  5. gaskella

    Chatsworth – somewhere I’ve never been, but really want to go.

  6. Louise

    Chatsworth..I soooooo want to go! I love the chairs!!! 🙂

  7. rhonda

    chatsworth lucky you!!

  8. I’m another member of the “I want to go to Chatsworth” group!

  9. Jo

    Chatsworth – another person here who has never been and wants to go. I love big houses.

  10. Well, I had no idea where you were, but it seemed quite fun. Then, I really wanted to find out, regardless of the previous answers, so I googled some clues… I started with the Mitford sisters, but didn’t get anywhere; then it was the Dowager Duchess, and still nothing. Then, I decided to add to that the words cafe and stables… and this is what I found:
    I wanted to make sure, so I clicked on Images in google, and discovered the picture with the purple chairs and the the one with the books recommended by the duchess… SO, my answer, after a few minutes of googling is Chatsworth House 🙂

  11. Geraldine

    Chatsworth, lovely, lovely gardens and cafe, haven’t been there for a long time.

  12. oh you were just up the road at chatsworth simon great friend worked there briefly ,all the best stu

  13. they’ve also lent picture to chesterfield station the duke and duchess just a nugget lol

  14. Chatsworth – and it’s obviously time I went back because I haven’t seen those funky chairs. Last time we ate there – February – there were only common wrought iron ones!

  15. EllenB

    Has to be Chatsworth.

  16. Since my knowledge of the English aristocracy is sketchy I did quite a bit of googling which was very educative on the Mitford sisters and then decided on Chatsworth House.

  17. Well as everyone has already said, Chatsworth. Wonderful place. Hope all is well with you.

  18. ithakaalwaysinmind

    Chatsworth! I live in Sheffield and visit quite a bit but haven’t seen those amazing chairs yet! (New to the blog btw and enjoying it).

  19. Dot

    I think it is one of my favourite places to spend a Summer’s Day… Chatsworth!

  20. dom agius

    Chatters dulling! ‘is that a genuine 1930’s voice? may i just listen to you talk’

    do admit!

  21. Jilly

    You were at ………………………. Chatsworth. Would love to go too.

  22. Got to be Chatsworth!

  23. Sue

    Its Chatsworth good food, lovely walks. De Waal has an installation inside – its lovely.

  24. Oh you lucky thing, you! You’ve been to Chatsworth!

  25. sherry

    Chatsworth! it’s a lovely place to visit any time of the year.

  26. Mark Moran

    Chatsworth of course – but sadly no pictures of the wonderful water features.

  27. Kim

    I’m jealous, that looks wonderful.

    I wanted to tell you I received the book I won in a give-away today! I was astonished when I found out it was a lovely hardcover. a big thank you again, and to Headline as well. books are the best presents.

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  29. Pippa

    Chatsworth, lovely!

  30. Chatsworth?! 🙂

    Ohhh I want to win so badly! I need a new book. 🙂 Thank you for the chance, hope you had so much fun. I LOVE those chairs too, by the way!

    lisagoneaussie (at)

  31. jasmine1485

    Based on a bit of Googling, I’m going to concur and say Chatsworth House (very jealous, it looks lovely!) 🙂

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  32. Chatsworth House! I think I went when I was young and had no idea about the fascinating family. Must go again…

  33. From the second picture I had to think of the latest Pride and Prejudice adaptation, and it seems I am right. Chatsworth. But given that everyone else already said that, I’m not sure my answer should count. I now really want to visit it, it looks lovely.

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  35. Bet

    Even from this side of the pond I know it’s Chatsworth. That’s because I am fascinated by all things Mitford, as you are. 😉

  36. You’re at Chatsworth House x

  37. Carol

    Must be Chatsworth!

  38. sarie64

    Chatsworth House. Would love to visit one day!

  39. must agree with veronica, despite being a Nancy devotee of old, in tearing haste is 1 of my very most treasured books. history written with wry, dry affection, poise & a debo’s idiosyncratic self deprecation.

  40. Congrats to Geraldine, Mark and Dom, let me know your details and I will get the books out to you as soon as possible. Apols it has taken me so long to do the draw!

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