Reading With Authors 2011

Back in February (I am surprised it was this long ago) I mentioned the fact that after having loved doing the Not The TV Book Group I fancied doing it again, sadly the other hosts weren’t sure what they could commit to this year, so I was mulling the idea of doing something similar and different over the ‘early summer months’. Well its not the early part of summer, but summer it still is, and finally (and possibly a little last minute – but you guys are great at rallying round) I can reveal my plans for ‘Reading With Authors’ which is going to be taking place during the Sundays of August and September 2011., and something which I am hoping you will be able to join in the whole lot of or on and off…

Why has it taken so long? Well, there’s been all of the Bookmarked (only 8 days to go… eek) and Green Carnation Prize madness whirling in the background and also the authors taking part are busy bee’s and so choosing titles together and dates that they are free has been a tricky process, but now it is done and here are the books we would love you to read along with us and when…

(thanks to Gav Reads for the image)

  • Sunday 7th of August 2011: The Man Who Fell To Earth by Walter Tevis with Belinda Bauer
  • Sunday 14th of August 2011: Pigeon English by Steven Kelman with Naomi Wood
  • Sunday 21st of August 2011: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann with Paul Magrs
  • Sunday 28th of August 2011: Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively with Natasha Solomons
  • Sunday 4th of September: Ruby’s Spoon by Anna Lawrence Pietroni with Beatrice Colin
  • Sunday 18th of September 2011: Even The Dogs by Jon McGregor with Isabel Ashdown

There are two more authors and their choices of books to announce in the next week, but I wanted to get the information out there sooner rather than later as the first one, with the lovely crime writing Belinda Bauer, is only a week a way! If you are thinking ‘only a week, that’s no time’ well I had that slight panic too. However Walter Tevis’ novel ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ is only 186 pages and it’s stunning! I have a feeling that, as with ‘Flowers For Algernon’ by Daniel Keyes, this is a sci-fi book that is about to make me rather emotional and cry quite a lot. Who knew?

The idea behind all this is that it brings books, authors and readers together in a new way. The weekly author and I will have discussed the book, that will go up on the blog, and then we hope those of you who have read it too (pretty please) will come by comment and myself and the author will add comments creating a great discussion.

I am hoping that all the other books are going to be as good as the first promises to be. Some of them, as you can see from the list, are quite recent, some might have been chosen for the Man Booker (Naomi and myself chose ‘Pigeon English’ a while ago, neither of us having read it at the time, and were patting ourselves on the backs on Tuesday) some are cult classics and some are ones that have gone under the radar. All of them are books that the author and I were eager to read… do we all like our choices? You will have to wait and see! What do you think of the list so far?

I do hope you will be joining in!


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20 responses to “Reading With Authors 2011

  1. Excellent idea! I will love to read Pigeon English but it will probably arrive after the 14th… Anyway, I will check those other books, i am sure I will find something great 😉

  2. Interesting idea… and funnily enough I have most of those books in my TBR. But sadly, my reading time is seriously curtailed right now, so I probably won’t be able to join in. But I’ll enjoy watching from afar.

    • Hahahaa how strange we have so many similar books in our TBRs Kim. I have to say with Bookmarked, this, We Love This Book/The Bookseller, book groups and other solo Waterstones gigs I think maybe I have too many projects on the go – I never say that.

      Make sure you grab a virtual cuppa and biscuit/cake from afar too.

  3. gaskella

    I do have a copy of the first book – can’t find it though – will keep looking. I will join in whenever I can – great idea Simon.

    • Thanks Annabel and thanks for joining in with some of them so far. Weirdly the comments are low but the hits are really, really high. How odd, mind you thats how most posts go isnt it?

  4. I love the button. I’d like to read Pigeon English and Valley of the Dolls but not sure that the TBR will allow at the mo! I may walk into a few second hand book shops and see if fate points me in a different direction though…

    • I think you would like both, Pigeon English is a great ‘quick’ read and has a brilliant narrative voice. Valley of the Dolls I think is rightn up your street though it might make you cross and also is no Peyton Place which is what I was hoping for.

  5. With all the best will in the world I wont be able to order and read the first one in under a week. I have recently started Pigeon English so I will join in where I can

  6. What a great idea! I always love to hear insights into literature by people who create it themselves. I’ll definitely be joining in when I can!

  7. Maureen D

    Oohhh, coincidence or what? I was planning on re-reading some Penelope Lively after listening to a fascinating interview she did for Radio Scotland’s Book Cafe yesterday. All I have to do now is find my copy of Moon Tiger which is in a box somewhere……

    The interview should be available on iplayer and is about 45 minutes or so, if I remember correctly.

  8. bookgazing

    Not saying I’ll def commit myself, but I have a copy of Ruby’s Spoon and would love to hear what everyone has to say about a Birmingham writer using Birmingham dialect.

  9. good luck with this simon I may join in but not sure no translations and been getting to distracted as of late with english books as read coupl,e off the booker longlist over last few days ,all the best stu

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