Oops, Sorry, Busyness & Readers Block Are To Blame…

I have to apologise, I suddenly realised that my blogging has sort of gone off kilter. It wasn’t an intentional break by any means but I am interestingly quite glad to have had it. Its been a rather mad week with the absolute high that was ‘Bookmarked Debut Night’ – which I will be doing a full report on later – and then the weirdness of the Manchester riots which left me feeling a bit ‘blurgh’. What also hasn’t helped so much is a big dose of readers block.

Readers block is a funny old thing isn’t it; you never quite know when it’s going to strike. Then it does and if you are anything like me it just makes you cross. This then makes you rush for any book that might spark it, which of course then doesn’t do the trick and so you end up merely getting all the crosser. It is like a wicked cycle.

I think the nerves for the first night of Bookmarked might have been the catalyst, and then the come down after such a great night left me not really wanting to reach for anything else. Plus I then had three more months of authors to sort (you wait till you hear the line up). So I gave myself a few days off and from Sunday to Thursday I barely read a word. I even ignored the pile of Green Carnation and ‘Reading With Author’ books I have stacked by the bed. However ‘Pigeon English’ called and, while it may not have been my favourite read of the year, you can see me and Naomi Wood discuss it tomorrow, it snapped me out of the block and I read it in two days – partly because of deadline and partly because it was so readable.

So now I feel like I am back in the reading world and am going to have a nice meander through my TBR (recently culled, which I still need to update on here) and start applying my Books Before The End of the World Rules to and get cracking. I have a feeling a Tess Gerritsen or M.C. Beaton book might be just the next read for me.

So what are you reading right now and what do you plan to read next? Any recommendations for any readers block sufferers out there?

P.S apologies if you tuned in and waited endlessly for me to be on BBC World Have Your Say yesterday which I posted about – and then deleted after feeling a bit miffed off, they didn’t call. Sorry.


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18 responses to “Oops, Sorry, Busyness & Readers Block Are To Blame…

  1. Reader’s Block? Stop worrying about it and indulge all your other interests for a change! I appreciate that if you now make your living from reading this is not very helpful advice.

    Reading right now? The absolutely wonderful follow-on from “The Rest is Noise”. Alex Ross has done it again with his recent book “Listen to This” which treats seriously “pop” music and regards “classical” music as part of a much broader culture than those of us who, like me, frequent the Wigmore Hall. from Radiohead to the chacona, from Björk to Bach and beyond this is a tryly magical collection of writing from one of the most perceptive writers on music I have ever come across. I have no plans for my next book, let us see what falls into my hand.

    • I did stop worrying, and have been much better at just having some TV time and going out and about time and not always having to read, though I end up wanting to read more than anything else.

      I do admire how you let books fall into your hands you know.

  2. gaskella

    You have to give yourself a day or two off at times – so don’t worry about it! On my reading – I didn’t manage to find the Man Who Fell to Earth in time for last week, but have located Valley of the Dolls, so I’ll be reading that next week so I can join in at the weekend. Currently reading the new David Almond book, which is turning out to be a bit of a hybrid of many things…

    • I always think David Almond is a singer or musician. Mind you Nick Cave is both, and I probably have thr wrong person. I hope you get to read TMWFTE soon, its marvellous and thanks for commenting on both of those Reading With Authors you mention.

  3. Kim

    I just had some sort of a readers block myself – it’s so strange to stare at your bookcase or shelves and not find ANYTHING that seems like the best next read.
    it took two days, not that long I know but it’s rather irritating when you want to read something. something good. a good book.
    then I just picked one and started reading: The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris.

  4. cath

    I am familiar with the feeling of gazing at my books thinking what on earth made me buy all these. Usually I turn to a book I’ve read before and liked to get things going again. Or indulge in poetry for a while.
    At the moment I have two on the go: Cees Nooteboom Philip and the Others and Matthew Hollis Now All Roads Lead to France. And after these Arnaldur Indridason is waiting.

    • You see this is what I love, and what is dangerous, about blogging – I have never heard of the books you are reading or what you are about to read (and will have no doubt read by now) so I am off to investigate.

  5. Louise

    I hate readers block! I’m currently reading The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi and The Language ofFlowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh 😉

    I do love M.C.Beaton!

    • M.C. Beaton did the trick, I am on another one now, joys!

      I do really, really want to read Helen Oyeyemi. I must. I am also heatring a lot about The Language of Flowers, I am sort of intrigued.

  6. I think we’ve all gone through that phase, and don’t worry, it is a phase :))
    I am about to finish “Never let me go” and will probably start The Museum of Innocence, by Orhan Pamuk, or The Schopenhauer cure, by Irvin Yalom… I will make up my mind in about 100 pages 😉

  7. I’m reading Memory Wall by Anthony Doerr – because it seemed, thematically, a good follow on from Before I go to sleep … The first story in it has absolutely blown my mind. Really really good. Recommended.

  8. When I’m stuck, I pick a book starting with the letter of the alphabet – I’m up to I at the moment. Otherwise I indulge in magazines until the need for something longer than a couple of pages returns.

  9. Stephanie

    I think you are very brave to cull your book piles. The thought of applying it to mine makes me shudder and then I go and request yet more books from the library leaving the ‘unread’ pile at the same level. What’s that about? (Not facing up to my responsibilities, I fancy).
    Currently I’m reading ‘The good solider’ by Ford Madox Ford. It’s a gripping read and it’s about people behaving dreadfully. And no-one tells the truth before it’s too late and other people’s lives have been affected in a negative way. I’m half way through and I think it’ll be a reread before the library sees it in its Returns bin.
    Don’t worry about the posting or the reading. Every dog has its day and finds its own priorities.

  10. I am currently reading “The Next Big Thing” by Anita Brookner and it is going very well.

    I just give in immediately to reader’s block. I then usually resort to music, eating, cooking.

    I enjoy the effort you put into your blog. My blog is only 1 week old and is still a work in progress.

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