World Book Night 2012…

I was going to give the blog a day off but then I received an email about all this so thought that I would pass some of it on. I know that actually World Book Night is months and months away (April 23rd 2012 in fact) so some of you might not be interested but an email this morning reminded me about it and the fact that you can vote for your favourite books to be given away. I was also a bit over excited when I read this specific email as previous givers, and you can see what I gave away and how I did it earlier this year, two people could win a chance to be on the World Book Night Editorial Selection Committee (theres a mouthful), well of course how could I not want to do that?

So what did you have to do? Well, give them your details, tell them what you gave last year and name the “top 10 books you most love to read, give and share for 2012” now initially I thought  they meant books out in 2012 then twigged they just meant your favourites. You then had to write, in 100 words or less, an impassioned argument for your number one book. I did it in ninety-nine.  

I liked the idea of this list of ten books you would want to pass on and realised that not all my very favourite books would pass the test of being books I would avidly pass on, those tend to be books I have liked a lot but not enough to keep on my own shelves, this however is the list of ten books I would happily buy other people and pass them on in that way… 

  1. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
  2. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
  3. Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin
  4. Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood
  5. Perfume by Patrick Suskind
  6. The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford
  7. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
  8. Annabel by Kathleen Winter
  9. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
  10. The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark

I couldn’t choose ‘One Day’ (which I am desperately telling the Aunty Who Doesn’t Read So Much to read before she sees the film next week, will she listen…) or indeed ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ because both books were in the list last year and given away. I like the idea of some classics being given away in 2012, some corkers though, not necessarily the same old ones. You can guess which books I might mean but I will never tell, ha.

I am pretty sure that I won’t be picked as one of the World Book Night Editorial Selection Committee, though if it did happen I would just be over the moon, partly because I have blabbed about it on here. It gave me a think about books though, and a chance to give you all a list of books to try should you have not read them so far. You can find more out about World Book Night 2012 here. What would your ten be? What are your thoughts on the whole World Book Night idea?


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10 responses to “World Book Night 2012…

  1. Louise

    I was a giver last year, and I’m hoping to do it again next April. I got the email this morning, I haven’t bothered with that though, as much as I love to read and talk about books, that’s as far as it goes for me, I’d rather enjoy reading without it becoming a task if that makes sense 😉 Trying to vote for my favourites has been hard!

  2. I just love the whole idea of World Book Night. Isn’t that what you want to do when you’ve read an amazing book…pass it to everyone you know?

    I love your list and think it’s interesting that the books you would choose aren’t necessarily the ones you thought they would be. I feel this way when I choose books for my class.

    I’ve read five off your list, and there are a couple more sitting in my stack. Here’s crossing my fingers about the editorial panel.

    • Thats exactly it, though I do wonder if newish novelists were chosen how that might affect their sales, I mean the authors dont get anything apart from the possibility of more people accessing their work… it doesnt pay them to write though.

      I didn’t make the panel 😦

  3. Picking favourites is difficult bit there are quite a few on your list that I would second 🙂

  4. gaskella

    I’m compiling my list at the mo. It would be so exciting to be picked to be involved – Good luck!. Flowers for Algernon is on my shortlist too!

  5. great list very you simon ,I pleased to see one translation on there ,I want be a give next time if I get chance ,all the best stu

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