Chorlton Bookshop & Charity Shops Galore

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to post flyers for Bookmarked in all the places that I could think of in South Manchester. There were two particular destinations I had in mind, the Oxfam Bookshop in Didsbury (which I have been in before and almost spent silly money) and the Chorlton Bookshop which is meant to be one of the finest independent bookshops in the country. I went and got a bus day-saver, the buses up here are something else cost wise honestly, and set about my journey and eventually found my destination…

Doesn’t it look like the shop in ‘Black Books’ from the outside? As you can see there was the dreaded/thrilling words ‘book sale’ on a sandwich board outside, and just peering in the window I knew temptation would be a possible issue. I haven’t seen these publisher specific display shelves in years (the books don’t actually correspond to the publishers but I like the look)…

So in I went and was instantly smitten by the fact they had comfy chairs and a fireplace, I covertly took pictures, in what is the children’s and non-fiction section, doesn’t it have a homely feel?

It also has a really impressive selection, especially for a smaller shop, of the latest fiction which I had a gander through and saw some books I wanted, but I am being very strict and only buying books if I am desperate for them – I did want to give them some business but hopefully some of you will dash there and spend oodles on my behalf. 

So what about the charity shops, oh dear I did cave in on a few ‘must buys’. I didn’t even have anyone with me egging me on. You see rather than get the bus to Didsbury and then straight to Chorlton after Oxfam wouldn’t put my poster up (because it wasn’t part of the charity, fair enough) was then wander all down Didsbury High Street (which has lots of charity shops), then get off at Withington to visit some more, and then found lots more in Chorlton-cum-Hardy itself. Mind you out of a whopping twelve charity shops I visited I only came away with four treats…

‘The Beekeeper’s Apprentice’ by Laurie R. King because all of you who know I love Sherlock Holmes have said I should try this spin of series (and I loved the cover), ‘Curriculum Vitae’ which is Muriel Sparks autobiography of sorts so how could I not, ‘The Child That Books Built’ by Francis Spufford a book about books I have been meaning to get for ages, and finally Stella Duffy’s ‘Fresh Flesh’ which is the fourth of her five (so far) Saz Martin crime novels and one I have been hunting down for ages. Hoorah.

So what was your last charity find? Have you discovered any local independent bookstore gems?

The Chorlton Bookshop sadly doesn’t have a website but you can find it at 506, Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M21 9AW its open Monday to Saturday from 9.30 – 5.30 do pop in if you can the staff are lovely.


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13 responses to “Chorlton Bookshop & Charity Shops Galore

  1. I used to live in Chorlton!! In fact I used to live on Wilbraham Road (I forget the number) but I don’t remember this bookshop at all – and trust me I would have remembered it! I can’t think where it would have been so I can only conclude that it wasn’t there when I was (mid 90’s) but it does look gorgeous and worth a trip back to my old stomping ground just to see 🙂

    • How odd that this bookshop was on the very road you lived, maybe its the old house you were in now converted lol. Theres quite a few bookish places down that road. It would be dangerous if you lived there now.

  2. This bookshop looks like a place where I could spend a lot of time and do a lot of damage (to the credit card & the environment by having them sent home to the other side of the world).

  3. cath

    Wouldn’t it be nice to go and see this bookshop one day :).
    My latest charity find was Carol Shields The Stone Diaries as well as Roger Deakin Waterlog, in January. I was so pleased I can still remember the feeling spotting them.


    I would sooooo like to peruse the shelves and sit and sit and sit while turning pages.

  5. I’m so jealous of your south Manchester saunter round second hand bookshops … Up here on the north side of the city, they’re somewhat thin on the ground. There’s The Bookshop 4 Victoria Square, Whitefield, which has no website, but is quite near Slattery’s, so if you’re in the vicinity, do drop in. I bought North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell last time I was in. The only other second hand bookshop this side of the city centre that I know of is the spookily titled Needful Things in Radcliffe (named after the Steven King book), but its website isn’t working at the moment, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

    • I have to say I don’t know north Manchester that well at all yet Jenny so I can’t really comment. What I do keep forgetting to go and visit is the Book Exchange in town, apparently its only open at the weekends though.

      Where is Whitefield… I have some investigating to do up north I think. Maybe we should coffee and mooch together at some point?

  6. always nice finding a new haunt in a new place ,all the best stu

  7. Chorlton Bookshop

    Many thanks for the kind words, Simon. Glad you liked it. We’ve actually been open since 1983 – we’re approaching our 30th birthday now! – so Book Whisperer, we would definitely have been here in your day. We’re right opposite a big pub called the Lloyds, if that rings a bell.

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