An Evening With Sue Johnston (and Savidge Reads)…

I have been bursting to tell you all about this for ages yet it wasn’t all finalised and definite until yesterday lunchtime and so I can’t hold it in anymore. You know how much I love the TV show ‘Waking The Dead’, how much I love ‘The Royale Family’ and the delights of crazy ladies from the W.W.I in ‘Jam & Jerusalem’ I am sure, in fact I am certain I have mentioned these several times on Savidge Reads. You might not know I used to be a huge fan of Brookside. What do all these have in common and what on earth do they have to do with books? Well Sue Johnston, a national treasure frankly who has a memoir/autobiography ‘Things I Couldn’t Tell My Mother’ out next week, and who is coming to Waterstone’s Deansgate on September the 6th AND who is in conversation there with… me! Eek!

I am so excited I could actually burst (though I am also so nervous already it’s untrue). I haven’t read the book yet (it’s in the post) but already I have lots and lots and lots of things I want to ask her about. I couldn’t believe it when Waterstones asked me to do it, I knew she was coming and had dropped a massive hint I will admit, but they have and it’s happening. I have been a fan of Sue’s for years and years so it’s a big deal for me, I only hope I don’t turn into a fan boy. I also really want to get my hands on a copy of ‘Hold On To The Messy Times’ which is a ‘collection of reminisces’ of hers that came out in 1989, none of you happen to have a copy do you?

If you fancy coming along then do. It’s from 7pm and tickets can be bought in store, if you have a Waterstones Card (and let’s face it if you love books why on earth wouldn’t you) then you get a discount. It’s already looking like a sell out event. Hope to see some of you there, it should be ace.


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8 responses to “An Evening With Sue Johnston (and Savidge Reads)…

  1. Oh wow – you jammy thing! The Royale Family is one of my favourite programmes ever (I laugh so loud!) and I used to watch the Brookside omnibus every saturday all through my teens!

    I am pretty tempted to come along but not sure I’ll be able to make it. Will let you know if I can.

    Congratulations Simon!!!!! 🙂

    • Oh Boof it was a wonderful night. I dont think I have laughed that much in ages. We got to sit and have some drinks before hand and she is just so lovely, so warm. Apparently when we were out there the audience thought it was like two good friends having a good catch up and giggle.

  2. Wow ‘Brookside’, now you’re bringing back some memories, who can forget the characters of Terry and Bobby? it’s strange to recall just how many household names started their career on that show.

    Sue Johnston seems like such a nice person that I’m sure you have no need to be nervous …. Hope you have a fantastic evening and look forward to you follow up post, after the event.

    • I was very very nervous Yvonne but we ended up having anice chin wag before and it vanished, actually Sue got very nervous just before she went on which I was amazed at. They were all there to see her, she had nothing to fear.

  3. Ooooo, go you! 🙂

    I love Sue Johnston, a marvellous actor, and I bet she’s a right character in real life.

    Enjoy, Simon, you’ll be great. (Wish I lived that little bit closer to Manchester!)

    • It was a brill event Kim, though afterwards I thought it had gone really badly (didnt think had asked enough questions I wanted to, thought all the laughter meant people werent taking it seriously) thankfully all the feedback has been great. Val tomorrow now, eek.

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